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by JoeB34
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Hi everyone!

I recently started a blog:

I have a pop-up subscribe box where I'm doing a giveaway for free golf balls. I recently got about 100 visitors from Reddit and not a single one subscribed.

What do you think I can do to help raise my conversion rate? Or do I just need to wait to get more traffic.

My analytics statistics say visitors usually stay for about 2-3 minutes (read the article) then leave. About 5% click through to additional articles.
The pop-up subscribe box comes up about 15 seconds after the page loads.
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    how many impression you got?
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      100-125 impressions
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    1) Your blog looks just like thousands of other blogs. People must feel at least somewhat excited about your blog when they visit. If they see just one more blog like they see all the time, they won't respond. Change look&feel of your blog, make it a bit more colorful, make it look at least somewhat different from thousands of other blogs.
    2) Change that line: "Enter to win". It makes people think...Oh I need to enter, then I need to play and then maybe I'll get a free gold ball and I left my email on one more blog... Just give them straight away something when they leave their emails! It doesn't have to be a ball, it can be an interesting info or whatever
    3) Your pop-up form has gotten some things wrong...When people first see your opt-in, they will first click on that link within your pop-up text because they naturally want to see what that's all really about. When they click...they get nowhere..they are faced with some small box version of your website on top of your normal web page...What they should do now?
    4) Pop-ups? Either use them in a very carefully selected moments and occasions or don't use them at all. They do more harm than good if not used very carefully and precisely. You will be better off with some regular and well-positioned opt-ins and interesting straight away call to action!

    Combined, all the things mentioned above make results poor.
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    I would say invest in a premium theme. Your content seems good, just clean up the appearance a bit.
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    Classic pop-up is not good now. you can use modern plugin for better pop up & spite test must.
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    now you will see more plugin in marketplace just follow its features and instruction i hope you will get your desired subject.
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    GIve an exit pop up a try.. easily the best performing one in my extensive tests.
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