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Until now, I mostly accessed smaller niches, so advanced link building wasn't necessary to rank high. However, I'm in a bigger niche, therefore I thought, I'm going to try out the DoFollow Blog strategy. But:

I guess, while commenting, you only leave a link in your name. But if your name is your link, then it's hard to get good anchor texts, because such names are moderated immediately.

What are you strategies to get good backlinks (with optimal anchor texts), if the comments are moderated?
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    Some thoughts:
    - Usually there's no rule that you have to present your real name. Use a nick that contains a keyword. Maybe make it actually look like a nick and do not use your exact URL as visible name. That's too blatant.

    - if comments are moderated: make sure your comment actually contributes to the post, then there's a good chance it will be published. People who write those shitty 'me to' and 'nice post' comments (not talking about you!) deserve to have their comments unpublished.

    - remember that blog commenting is only a small part in your overall link building strategy.

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    Write a real comment, at the bottom of the comment put
    <a href="yourdomain/internalpage.htm (if you want a deep link)">anchor text</a> Leave the "internal page.htm" out if you only want to link to your home page.

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      Rule # 1: Write good content.

      If you write a post that's compelling or interesting enough people who read it will be far more likely to go to your website.

      And if your post is moderated it won't get deleted.

      Also some of the posts you make yourself you can copy and use as content on your own site so you get multiple use from the posts you make.

      In your name you can add the odd word to get that hyperlink closer to the keyword phrase you're looking for.

      For example instead of "John Smith" you could put "SEO genius John Smith" or "John Smith SEO services".

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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        Thanks for the answers guys. I know, that content counts very much, but I don't really see that anyone else is trying to use anchor texts in their comments (probably everybody else, who is not using a "real" nickname for his url were moderated...)

        Originally Posted by AndrewCavanagh View Post

        Rule # 1: Write good content.

        For example instead of "John Smith" you could put "SEO genius John Smith" or "John Smith SEO services".
        Wow, that's a cool idea, thanks a lot!
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    If you go to a blog and all the other comments have names anchored then anchor your name. For some reason that is the only way some bloggers will approve a comment. Don't waste 5-10 minutes writing up a good comment if it is just going to be denied, or worse yet they will approve it but remove your link.

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    Andrew is right. Content matters tremendously.

    In my experience, if you leave a good comment (meaning insightful, value-added, non-spammy) on a blog makes all the difference and owners are generally happy to keep your chosen anchor text.

    On the other hand, you if write something to the effect of "Nice post. Kthanxbye." or something blatantly stupid you're going to be deleted regardless of your author name.
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    Hi Guys, This is Pushkar from nBridges Media and though I am a 2 year old member here, I am more of a lurker rather than a regular poster.

    I just saw the title and couldn't stop posting here Few weeks back, I had made a post in my blog NO value in dofollow commenting how there is NO value in do follow commenting. I came to this conclusion after handling campaigns of 3 clients and burning money in excess of $1000. The quality of the comments were fairly good and I am just not sure why I never saw any results.

    If mods thinks I should not link to my post than please they can edit my link I will also try to follow this thread


    Hi, I am Pushkar Gaikwad
    I owns nBridges Media
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      How about this:

      Read Comment guidelines!

      On my blog I provide DoFollow in multiple ways and reward good commenters but I do delete comments that fail to follow guidelines no matter the comment content. if someone is too stupid to take time and read the guidelines posted right in the comment form - they don't deserve the link.

      You have to remember - blogger value content and adding to conversation but most bloggers I know are also protective of their blogs. Unlike in Internet marketing - blogs for many people are not only for earning (and for some not about earning at all) but also for sharing ideas, knowledge, passion. Respect that fact and read guidelines
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    Does anyone know a list of do follow blogs?
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