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Hello all, New user here and wanted to say hello as well as ask a question.

I've had Fiverr for a couple of years now and at the beginning, it was great and I became a Level 2 seller. Then my computer crashed and I had to go in the dark for a long while with my profile still active. So after logging back in after a long time, I had received negative reviews(Down to 81% approval rating) from incomplete orders I didn't know about. Now that I'm active again, I am finding a hard time attracting customers. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get my gig going again? This was good side work for me once upon a time.
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    You might want to try starting over again under a different name and building up your customer base if you aren't having success with your original name.

    If your service was good then it shouldn't take too long to build it up again.

    Good luck,

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    I agree with @unlimitedoptions, creating a new account may be your best bet. Also, you may be able to work with Fiverr customer service to have those reviews removed. Depending on how long ago the negative reviews were posted, you could write directly to the reviewer, apologize and explain yourself, and ask them to remove their negative feedback.
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    What I would do is email every person that gave you a bad review and offer them a free gig if they remove the negative feed back. Then I would give each person a discount on their next order. You may be working for free for a short time but the feed back will go away while you promote your gig and get back on track.

    Hope this helps
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    i agree with the above 2 comments. i am going through that now. fiverr is very helpful in removing negative comments from your account. explain to them what happened.
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    Don't delete your account. Just start a
    new gig. That way you'll still benefit
    from your profile / the reviews people
    gave you.
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      Originally Posted by Courage View Post

      Don't delete your account. Just start a
      new gig. That way you'll still benefit
      from your profile / the reviews people
      gave you.
      This would impact him negatively. The bad reviews from the one gig would lower his overall seller rating. The only ways to improve your seller rating are to reverse/remove any negative reviews, generate more positive ratings (which is hard now since he has negative reviews) or start with a fresh account.
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    You must need a new account and start again. Give some extra bonus and you will get many positive review.
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    I know how important the Feedback in this sector, I have been working int he UPWORK since 2011. In that site, if one freelancer Refund the money, who game bad feedback, the rate will delete automatically. So if the money is not a big amount, you can think to refund it, before refunding the money, please discuss with the Help Desk of the Fiverr. If you can work again with good / positive feedback, you rating will increase.
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    Create a brand new account and get started the things from scratch. When you get negative reviews on fiverr it is too hard to get new orders. As you have said your PC went down than you can't do so much.
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    Level two status takes a lot of work to achieve and starting over would just negate all that hard work you went through to get there.

    Try using their buyer request section to help slowly use your cred back, since you are already a level 2 you should get some orders that way. If that situation happens to you again and if you have a smart phone use wifi to log into Fiverr and set your account to vacation mode.
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    scrap that old account and start a new..

    that being said, shame on you for not logging in on someone else's computer and reaching out to your customers.


    best of luck
    Ike Paz
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