I'm freeeeeeeeeee (Part Deux - giving back)

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About six months ago I wrote the post linked below because I wanted to share my joy with everyone about how I was finally done working for "the man" and would now be dedicating my time 100% to my own business.


Since then I've made some great friends and contacts here and learnt some absolutely invaluable lessons. Today I want to share some of that with you and give something back to this great community.

Reckless Action Trumps Perfect Understanding

I have no idea who said this originally, I've just seen it in several peoples' signatures. I'm a perfectionist/completionist by nature and it holds me back. I want to know what I'm doing and how to make it work before I start. But in the last 6 months my biggest successes have been the ones where I've "Just Done It(tm)". I've made tons of mistakes but I've stopped making the biggest one of all, waiting to understand completely before starting.

You never will. So just make a start and learn as you go. Mess up, say sorry (if it affected other people) and move on. You'll learn so much more that way and have way more success.

Let's illustrate with an example. When I released my recent SEO product I set myself the challenge of getting our good friend Allen to promote it here on the Warrior forum. Mostly because a load of people said I couldn't do it

I started off looking at other offers he'd promoted. Then I researched the background of the people who he'd promoted. I made contact with some of them looking for advice. I got in touch with a couple of well respected Warriors to ask their opinions. Ultimately John Taylor was good enough to put me on the right track (Thanks John!).

In summary -

You've been around long enough to know that he'd appreciate a well written approach. What have you got to lose? Just message him.
No the lesson is not to just start PM'ing Allen every time you release any old product! For one thing he'll probably ban me for writing this if you start doing that

The lesson is to stop doing busy work that feels like you are making progress and do the one thing that actually moves you forwards. Go write to your Allen.

People Matter

I'm a technical guy. I happen to be quite extroverted and sociable (which helps) but ultimately I'm happiest when I'm writing cool software at my computer. Unfortunately, that doesn't ship product. The relationships you form are worth far more than any individual ability you might have.

By far my best affiliates for my last launch were the guys I spend most of my time with on Skype. We talk to each other often. We keep each other sane. And it was a complete no brainer that they'd promote me when I launched.

One guy even let me send to one of his lists with no affiliate code as a thank you for all the help I'd given him with another project of his. Did I help him out in the hopes that he'd do this? Of course not. I did it because I like the guy and I want us all to succeed.

I now make it a policy to make contact with a few new people every month. Not to try to sell them something. Not to try to get them to promote something of mine. Just to say hi and see how we can work together. I started with the guys and girls working in the same niche as me but I'm gradually branching out and making new friends. Believe me, a well intentioned, getting to know you email is far better received than a "would you like to be my affiliate" one.

Start with someone who has a problem you can solve. Do it for free with absolutely no expectations other than getting to know someone new. Don't ask for money. Don't turn the conversation around and try to get something out of it. Just get to know people.

Have a plan

While this may sound like I'm going back on my first point, I'm really not. Bare with me.

I've seen far too many people on here get sucked in by one over hyped product after another only to discard them and move on to the next thing a few days later. If you need to buy a system to help you get started then by all means do so. (Join one of Jeremy Kelsall's bootcamps, they're excellent). But follow it. Do it. Don't buy the manual. Think you know better. Do nothing. Then complain when it fails.

Far better is to figure out *your* plan of what you want to do then only spend money to fill in the gaps.

As an example from my recent product launch -
  • It wasn't worth the time to make my own affiliate/sales software so I bought RAP.
  • I write terrible copy so I paid someone to write my sales letter for me.
  • I can't make graphics so I found someone to make the minisite for me.
  • I knew a lot of people who would promote it but I also wanted to cast a wider net so I setup a two-tier system.

Use your money to fill in the gaps where you don't have the right skills or you want to save time. Don't buy something based solely on hype.

So thank you Warriors for all your great help over the last 6 months and here's to the next 6 being even more successful.

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    You're going to get in trouble with Allen too now!

    Seriously, great thread topic!

    There are far too many people getting stuck because
    they are scared of making a mistake or they don't
    have the confidence to take action.

    Marketing isn't an exact science, there's really only
    one way of discovering if you can achieve something
    and that's to give it a go.

    I'd encourage more people to answer the question:

    What have I got to lose by doing this?

    As long as you're willing to pay the price of discovery
    then it's worth the investment.

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    This is an incredible post.

    I love the advice and content you have given here, and it is a timely reminder for me.

    I especially like the first bit about contacting Allen and the fact you went and got advice from some of the big personalities here on the forum.

    Thanks for this insight into your personal life and business. I can't wait to say I finally earn enough to quit this job (which is in Internet marketing) for good.


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    On another note, John, I am ashamed to say I had a pleasant 1 minute splatting you with tomatoes.

    I never expected to get that from clicking the link! lol.


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    *****Reckless Action Trumps Perfect Understanding*****

    Hi Andy --

    Those are some serious words to live by.

    Looking through my cpanel account at all the websites I've created over the last five years or so, I see some that have been making me consistent money and some that are are just sitting there collecting cyber dust.

    I don't know the first thing about writing scripts.

    I went to rentacoder and hired someone to write me a script to increase conversions -- I have no idea how this script works, but I know it works in the right niches.

    But now to market this script.

    Again, I have no idea how to market software or scripts ...

    *****It wasn't worth the time to make my own affiliate/sales software so I bought RAP*****

    Have to agree with you - RAP is a nice for affiliate and JV partner sales - but through relationships - splitting profits is a good thing.

    Congratulations on dumping "The Man".
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  • Profile picture of the author Frank Donovan
    Hi Andy

    Congratulations! Some great nuggets of wisdom in your post.

    I'd be happy to celebrate with you, although...

    Originally Posted by Andy Fletcher View Post

    Bare with me.
    That may be going a bit too far.



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    thanks for this wonderful post... just thinking, start taking action.. great message
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  • Profile picture of the author steveniam
    It's wonderful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
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    Hi Andy,

    Aint it a great feeling when you can finally chuck in your job
    to become your own boss and do your online business fulltime.

    No longer having to deal with traffic to and from work,
    dealing with a boss etc

    I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing
    Click Here For My Free Report (No Optin Required) Which Reveals A Cool Way to Make Money With Free Stuff!

    Discover Little Known Ways To Make Money - Click Here!
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    Hey Andy! Great post man. Sorry - I don't want to get naked with you. But thanks for the offer. ;-)

    Bare with me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Andy Fletcher
    Bare with me.
    Ahahahahaha I can't believe I did that! And I'm such a spelling, punctuation and grammar nazi as well.

    Oh well, no point changing it now several people have quoted it. I'll leave it up as a warning to future generations of the Warrior Forum.
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    A great motivating post. Sharpen up and get moving (talking to myself)
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  • Profile picture of the author MichaelHiles
    Great post.

    From a recent email I got....

    The Perfect Marketing Strategy

    If someone was to ask me what the most important thing to do in marketing a professional service these days, I might suggest a number of marketing strategies.

    But what I'd emphasize, above all else, would be taking action on something, anything, and not worrying if it was perfect enough.

    Last last year I had an imperfect idea to launch some kind of membership club to provide marketing information and support to my More Clients subscribers.

    Then I designed an imperfect club and launched it.

    I sent imperfect emails to announce it. I put on imperfect teleclasses to promote it. I did imperfect interviews with marketing experts. I led imperfect coaching calls with members.
    I tried several imperfect introductory pricing strategies. And the club members are getting imperfect results.

    I now have about 650 members, and that's perfect!

    I will continue in my imperfect ways.

    I just designed imperfect Mastermind Groups for the club. And no doubt I will manage those imperfectly as well. (Club members, take a look and let me know.)

    If you are waiting to do things perfectly before you get started, you may just be a perfect idiot. Perfection is something you strive for, realizing it is never reached.

    And since this is Labor Day and I want to take off a little early today, I'm making today's eZine imperfectly short.

    The More Clients Bottom Line: Got a marketing idea? Jump in and do it imperfectly. Your imperfect idea with the imperfect plan and the imperfect implementation may just attract all the clients you need.
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  • Profile picture of the author katiec
    Love getting updates and new tips!

    Thank you!
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  • Profile picture of the author firedragon
    Thanks for sharing your success with us and the point you bring over. I am the one who tries to understand before doing s.th. and I still catch me doing so. Thanks for the reminder and thanks to the imperfection of MichaelHiles too

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  • Profile picture of the author Nicholas Ho
    Learn as you go, hard for perfectionist like me too.
    But I will try like you did =)
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  • Profile picture of the author Andy Fletcher
    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Don't just say thank you though, get out there and make something happen. That's the kind of thanks I'm after.
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