Anybody do barter deals?

by TXjb
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I purchased the barter arbitrage course a few years ago and wanted some more information about getting back into barter.

Specifically how to generate a large volume of trade dollars to purchase advertising.

Does anyone have experience in doing this?
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    I've tried to in the past without that much success. Imo the majority of persons trying to make it online are too selfish to work out any deals unless there is some monetary compensation involved for their participation. That's why a lot of them fail to make a living online. In this world you have to be willing to give before you receive.
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    My only success with bartering has been when I provide a service to another service provider and they pay me with their services. For example, I built a website for a social marketing firm and they gave me 1 year of social marketing services for one of my projects.

    In my experience, it is cheaper for them to offer a service they already provide than pay cash out of pocket, especially when they're getting started. It is always more economical to pay with your time than with capital. I usually get way more value than if I were to actually spend the money. In the example above, I received about $1,000 in social media marketing instead of the $500 I would have charged for the website.
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    I have plenty of experience. What specifically would you like to know? What sort of advertising you looking to do? How many trade dollars are you needing to generate?
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      I'm just looking to cash convert eventually. What do you use to generate trade dollars? I've had some bad experience selling jewelry. Was thinking about importing things from China next.

      I'm looking to generate around 30,000 trade dollars and then trying to cash convert using advertising or other methods. What do you think the best way to cash covert/generate that amount of trade dollars would be?
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    Barter is a great idea. I am always looking for barter deals, mainly services for services. But, it's not easy to find people/companies who can think outside the box.
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    When you are starting up, bartering can be a great way to get products or services for free to grow your business. However, you should make sure that you do not give away your time and resources for things you don't need.

    Ideally, you should provide for barters products or services that you don't need extra-time to produce. For example if you have inventory that you want to get rid of, or if you provide a licence to a software. That way you are sure you get more than you offer ( time consumed is minimal ). On the other side, if you provide quality services that takes up time, like website design, or website creation ( not automated ), it will be hard to barter. You will spend a month to build something that you don't get paid for. Unless the barter deal will give you a space to live, food, clothes, etc, giving 1 month of your time or more for things that may or may not help you is not a good idea. There are also exceptions to it, but you should balance the things very well. When you start up your website design firm, you don't have clients so you expect to make no income in the first 3 months. Instead of doing nothing, a barter with a company that can promote your services might be an excellent idea. Otherwise, if you can find a paying client, work for him, get the money, and invest it into what you think it is best for your company growth, and not a service that you might need or not.

    Once I worked for a small company that did a lot of barters. They offered digital advertising space ( minimal work involved ), and they got in exchange a lot of stuff: books, hair styling services, catering services, event planning services. They didn't needed those services but it was ok because there was no extra work involved and the advertising space offered was available. I don't think those barters were providing great value to the business, but at least employees were happy. Maybe if they targeted those services and proudcts that they really needed or that saved them a lot of money, the impact would have been greater.

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    Has anyone done deals on itex before? What was your experience?
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    has anyone joined their chamber of commerce ?

    I thought this would be a good place to start bartering.

    pls any thoughts ?
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