Who Do You Think The Most Reliable Web Host Is?w

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Who do you think the most reliable web host is?

(I'm referring to shared hosting).
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    Originally Posted by James Legacy View Post

    Who do you think the most reliable web host is?
    Hostgator - bar none in my opinion.

    And I've tried many.

    I think you'll find a lot of people who say the same
    but then you'll probably have just as many saying
    Hostgator is terrible.

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    Host4profit, works for me very well.

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    EDIT- deleted my recommendation, seems they are going out of business soon.

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    Hostgator. I've never had a problem with them. Their customer service is excellent and their shared hosting plans are really cheap.
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      I have a great experience so far with Hostgator.
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    I use MediaTemple.net but I would NOT recommend them as they go down once in awhile for 10 hours at a time. Its not enough for me to switch YET but I would not want anyone else to experience the pain of Media Temple as I have.
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    iPowerweb and Hostgator are winners. They have a lot of reputation.
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    Gator and Resellerzoom have been great to me so far.
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    I have been using godaddy for years and have had no problems at all , they are a little more pricey but the service and quality is great, though the customer service isnt that great . They should have a 1800 number

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    Bluehost and HostGator - great service from them both!


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    Absolutely Host4Profit. Costs a few cents more, but
    always up and service is unbelievable.


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    hostgator ftw
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    I use webhostingpad and have never had problems.
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    I've always felt that Hostgator gives me the best combination of price, ease of use, and service.

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    Ive been on Bluehost and LOVE it. Great features, fast support and a good price.
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      Originally Posted by raskal View Post

      Ive been on Bluehost and LOVE it. Great features, fast support and a good price.

      ^ what he said ^
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    Hostgator or UnitedHosting
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    I've been using lunarpages and hostforweb for years now with no problems.
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    Hostgator is the best one for the shared hosting.
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    I'm using Hostgator from the start, and can't do compares, but I never even thought to look for a diferent..I'm very satisfied with their service, and CS is very reliable too
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    I like resellerzoom.com

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    I use a company called Biggest-Hosting.

    The pricing is very competative, but what I really like is their technical support.

    If I've had a problem, such as emails not getting through, or a problem with a PERL, (server technicality, not scripting) their representative will email me straight away, and get the problem sorted in a couple of hours.

    I've also used hostgator and lypha, but for now I'm more than happy with the host I've got.

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    Gotta agree with the Hostgator suggestions, and by miles compared to some of the others I've bought packages at (Dream Host, Blue Host, GoDaddy, a few dozen smaller ones).

    Generally support requests are answered by them within hours, if not minutes and they're always happy to help. I have two reseller accounts with them and am thinking of getting a third soon because of this.
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    Hostgator : A very good host. But some scripts won't work for me in hostgator especially those scripts which plays with email marketing and stuff.

    WiredTree : A very nice place for VPS. Infact, the best around. But people don't really know about it. I recently ordered one and I'm very happy with it.

    FatCow : FatCow is pretty good. The only problem is that they don't accept monthly payments when I last checked.

    Hope this helped


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    I use kiosk

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    Not MediaTemple. A lot of their users got hacked last weekend and then it was revealed that MediaTemple kept all their customer admin passwords in clear text in their database. That's like the worst security mistake you can do. It's just beyond idiotic.
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      I have read a lot about HostGator and i think their service delivery is excellent. Wish you all the best in your Internet Biz
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        I'll put in a word for www.betterwebspace.com I've used them right from the start. Their support is fabulous and they were patient and helpful when I was first starting and didn't even know to upload my files to public_html.
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          I used JustHost for a long time - I was pleased with the performance but annoyed when I found out about the setup fee. Hostgator was good for me when I used them, too.

          I have my own hosting company now though

          -- Jack Morrison / um1001

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    according to me hostgator is the most reliable web host.
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