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Hi all Just coming here for the first time and thought Ill seek feedback on an idea I have on the back of my mind
I am an avid non fiction/business book reader (like many I guess on this forum). I always highlight lots of interesting (short) extracts for future reference. I save all of those in what became a massive 300 pages word document. Ive tried Evernote but this did not work quite well for me either.
So I am working on a side project to help me saving all the business ideas and concepts I come across in books and some online materials.
What do you guys think? Have you experienced the same issue ? Would you be interested in using such platform? The idea is to make it open and collaborative, that would be a fantastic way to gather collective knowledge and get through the essence of business concepts in a snap.
Thanks !
(i have a landing page set up, happy to share it if you are interested, please let me know)
#books #business #business knowledge

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