Click Bank Denied my site

by Emailrevealer 3 replies
They say they're no longer accepting sites that sell investigative services.
Any ideas of another affiliate network thats equal to clickbank and accepts investigation services?

I'm really discouraged over this.
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    I don't know why ClickBank pulls this sh*t... Seems like they play favorites to a few of their top merchants so that they can have a monopoly over certain categories..

    I spent 2 month creating a custom Satellite TV product that was much better quality over their current #1 product only to have it denied by CB. They gave me the same canned response as you.

    So took my product over to PayDotCom. (I wouldn't recommend them though)

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    Get used to being rejected by CB even
    when it's unncessary or doesn't break
    the rules...

    I don't even use them anymore because
    you have to jump through hoops to get
    your site online....

    Or be very sneaky :~)

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      Thanks guys.
      Is there someone over there I can call?
      I guess I can look up the corp records and call them up at home....
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