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I have started a new blog in the niche of bitcoin and cryptocurrency at the beginning of December, so far I have six posts on it.

The blog link: CheSatochi - My journey into the cryptocurrency world

Right now I post two posts a week, and I will maintain this ratio. I would like to know what you think of it and what I need to update from your point of view?

Also, for the traffic, I am using easyhits4u.com and comments on other blog posts on my niche.

What way to you suggest that I need to implement for free traffic?

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    Instead of offering free email updates offer a free e-book,whitepaper or cheat sheet so your visitors are more likely to give you their name and email.

    Your #1 goal with a blog is to build an email list so you can build a relationship with your subscribers and sell them stuff once they're ready to buy.
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    I agree,

    You have a nice blog, I would not change anything with the posting frequency.

    Since you are already commenting on other blogs in your niche--keep doing this, and then ask the blogs you are commenting on if you can do a guest post.

    Since you are commenting they may be more receptive to you doing a guest post.

    I am sure there must be some forums that talk about this niche, if there are try joining and when you can include a sig file in your posts.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sounds like your trying to go after brand awareness and seo for traffic. Keep your content rich and engaging! Have your social signals in place. Have webmaster tools and analytics in place to help monitor things or optimization and time.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Your site is pretty nice. I would write a short 5 to 10 page pdf as a loss leader about bitcoins and how they work or something like that in order to get lead.

    Traffic: You should create a splash or squeeze page in order to get a subscriber and send traffic from easy hits for you and other traffic exchanges to that page and not to your main site.Get even more traffic to your site by using social media, article marketing, and getting backlinks from similar sites in your niche.

    For more traffic idea's check this thread out: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ffic-tips.html
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    I thought it was rather nice the only thing I did not like was the 2 banners 768x90 I would only use one instead.
    DominioNombres.com Marketplace!
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    You should STOP using easyhits4u.com for traffic IMMEDIATELY. You are monetizing your site with adsense. As soon as Google determines you are sending traffic with a traffic exchange your adsense account will be permanently banned.
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      Thank you for this valuable comment about the term of service of Google Adsense. No more direct traffic from Easyhit4u to my blog, I will figure out other ways.
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    Yeah Google frowns on the use of any traffic exchanges. That's how I lost my account with them back in the day.
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    Your blog looks good. Nice job.

    Only time will tell you the truth if what you are doing right now works. If it does, then continue doing what ever that you are doing now. If it doesn't, then you will need to change your strategy.

    You also want to build a list and give them value.
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    Maybe just post in other cryptocurrency forums and communities. There are plenty of them and it's a targeted market.
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    I thought it loaded a little too slow and I read the first post too and noticed you didn't have any anchor text on the images. I thought I'd go the extra mile and run it through a few test to see if there were any other issues that could be pointed out to help you?
    So I've attached a 23 page pdf review report for you.

    Merry Christmas

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    I fixed the speed issue, worked 3 hours on my blog yesterday, now the page load in 2, 3 seconds. I check the report and a lot of stuff I am not yet familiar with, but I would improve my knowledge and get this project better every day.
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    I agree as in the other reviews that you should create some kind of free content that would attract people to you to build your email list.

    Try to create something of value that people can read fast, such as eBook, a very informative Video, Checklist, etc.

    In the area of optin, try to put some image of the content that will deliver and look for work with a good copywriting.

    Focus on being productive instead of busy.

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    How to drive FREE traffic to your site.

    I happened to look at your post about buying your first bitcoin. The first thing that came to my mind was "It would be nice to know where these machines are. Something I would add to that article at the very least is the exact location you did your transaction at. Include Store name and address. ( help the guy out with his SEO - no link needed )

    Some real fast research indicates that the term "BitCoin ATM" would be REAL easy to get ranked! You don't have to go with the graphic map version like coindesk or coinatmradar.

    I would suggest like a category page that links to different locations IE UK, USA, SPAIN etc. The USA I would go even further and break them out by states. Be sure to use "BTM" as well as ATM.

    You really need to hunt down an affiliate program in the bitcoin sector.. there are more than a few to chose from. Really do some research and promote one that you yourself would use.

    Another source of content would be writing an article for each of the many ways you can actually SPEND bitcoin be it gaming, Gambling, investing etc.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    You're doing a great job of getting your site put together, you've selected a niche market and have your email collection in place. Here are a couple of ideas that should help you.

    1. Learn to write engaging blog posts. You want the first paragraph to really grab your reader and suck them in. Of course, the same goes for your Headline. You want to make sure it is dynamic and to the point so that people will see your copy and get interested fast.

    2. You need to do keyword research before and during the writing of your posts. If your posts are not Keyword focused, you won't gain any traffic from them and you won't gain any email addresses.

    3. Promote all of your posts on social media. Pick 3 or 4 of them and focus like a laser. For example, learn everything you can about using Google +. How to gain a following, how to promote your posts, get followers, etc.

    4. As you make friends on social media, ask some of your buds and buddetts on there to go to your blog and leave a comment. Tell them to be brutally honest so you'll know how to improve your blog.

    5. Write posts that have an interesting subject. I have written copy for the financial markets and I will tell you the #1 overriding subject is HOW TO MAKE MONEY. They don't care about boring legislation unless it will really effect them and their investments. So if you write about subjects like that, make sure you know how it's going to impact your clients and spell it out to them.

    6. One subject I noticed right away about your blog, is that you should have a series of posts on the very basics of Bit Coins. You need to educate people about them so as to become an expert in that area. (Really, an expert is a nothing more than a person that knows a few more things than you do about a subject.)

    7. Frequent Jon Morrow's site and learn everything you can about blog writing. Download his headline hacks freebie - It's dynamite! Also visit and read everything you can by Neil Patel.

    I hope you have a great New Year!

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