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Hello Warriors,

I'm hoping one of you can help shed light on a few rules given by Ezine Articles.

Question. Upon submitting some articles to EZA, I've received a decline message that says "overpromotional." In review of my articles, there is no reference to how much the product costs or where to get it it, etc. etc. However, the articles does redirect straight to a affiliate offer. Therefore, I purchased a cheap domain name and redirected the link to the affiliate link.

Based of this information, do you see suppose the problem lies with the way the article is written or is it due to the redirect.

Also, the resource page does say, "Click here to get your free trial NOW.

Maybe the problem lies in the resource box, I'm not sure. I've written hundreds of articles for EZA and find it odd that since changing my marketing strategy, my articles are getting declined.

All opinions are welcomed.

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    In most cases you have to refer to customer support and sometimes it can take over a week to hear back, good luck.
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    Christie - being that they were refusing the articles before you did the redirect, that is your answer. Your aticles are reading too much like sales pages in that case, no matter where the links are going etc.

    Try writing about the subject as if there were not product - just giving just a tad of valuable information but only enough to make them want more and click to find it - then let them click to the sales logic. Your articles will convert better, too - if they are of value in their own right without a product being pointed to, then others will be more likely to post them on their own sites and in their own newsletters. I've had competitors actually post my articles because of the info and not even realizing that my resource box will lead people to competing goods. LOL.

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