Getting unique customer ID's out of public info

by jago25
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I'm researching a new niche. Because it's a gap I don't have much intelligence on customers yet other than gut feelings and anecdotal info.

We've managed to identify a bunch of competitors in similar areas. We have the company social media pages and we can see they have a decent amount of what look like genuine likes etc. We can also probably look at their traffic too. SpyFu?

It used to be possible to show who liked those likes. Privacy setting defaults were open on various platforms. Is there a way to achieve that now?

I know we can track people through pixels, cookies, Facebook logins - how can I, as a small time beginner marketer access this?

Ideal end game would be I'd like to build up a list of Facebook profiles I can eventually market to rather than simply relying on Facebook's advertising targeting - I found when to start to really target Facebook says it doesn't have enough data, something I know not to be true... it's like they don't want you targeting too much... as soon as you get to less than 500 users you're out - that's why I prefer to go the manual route.

I'm just looking for a starting point - words to use to help me start learning this stuff, the tools involved and what phrases I need to search for to get my self up to date.

Some search terms I'm starting on, can you add anything along these lines?

"Market research with Facebook Graph"
"Market research with SpyFu"
"Cookies and pixel tracking data cross correlation to social media"

Facebook Graph doesn't always seem to give the results expected - for example, finding people who liked a competitors page
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    So, instead of creating and testing your own fanpage, advertising, and squeeze page. you would rather just steal other peoples hard work? That is not the road to success.

    Start building your own following


    "If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time" ~Steve Jobs~

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      Competitors info was really only one aspect of what I was talking about.

      Seeing this rattled response makes me suspect that this is more of a thing than I realized.

      No need to get too rattled. There are no competitors in this niche to steal from verbatim. These competitors are in close areas but not the same - I'm just using whatever I can as a starting point for research. I suspect we have similar kinds of customers. But I don't know.... er.... that's what I'm trying to find out.

      Yeah, experiment, split A/B etc will have to play a role too seeing as it's a gap in the market but that I can teach myself on, more straightforward well known stuff
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