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I am publisher, making 7,000 dollars after 8 months of book publishing (pretty much passive at this point) I want to reach for something bigger, I want to get involved in digital product creation, create launches, funnels, sell products that are both my own and out sourced (different topics). I wanted to start with a course teaching people how to make money self publishing (maybe?). But I am a very obsessive guy and I want to really do well in this industry, I want to make 6-7 figures. I watched jeff walkers product launch formula and it was truly inspiring. I am wondering if I should first become a affliate marketer and start like this (or another path) before creating my launches and understand the world of digital marketing and creation or should I just dive right in and get involved in creating my product and marketing and figure it out along the way. Let me know your thoughts, any resources to point me in the right direction, any advise? I would love to hear your thought especially from the more experienced guys
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    I think it's important to start with what you know. If you do this, you will already be over the first hurdle - getting credibility. You'll already have it. I'm sure a lot of other people would pay for information on exactly how you did it.

    IMO, affiliate marketing is good for making money, but even better is selling your own products. However, one of the keys to succeeding with your own products is being able to attract affiliates to promote for you. This is more difficult when you're new, since many affiliates would be hesitant to promote for you because they don't know or trust you and your product.

    Therefore, the best way, IMO, is to start by building a list, using free and paid traffic. You can give away a product to get them on your list, say, a product about what you know of publishing online.

    Once you have the list, start promoting affiliate products from others and get to be known within those circles. Once that happens, create your own product about publishing online, Get those affiliates to promote for you and they'll do it, because you've already promoted for them.

    If you try to launch your own product before you gain the trust of other affiliates, you'll make some sales for sure, and you could make a lot if you drive your own traffic to the product. But the biggest bang for your buck, and the easiest way, is to get other affiliates to promote for you.

    Hope that helps.

    The Tonester
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    Look at the pros and cons.

    With affiliate marketing, all you have to do is drive traffic. If you think you can't earn as much as "product creators" you are wrong. You can just do it without most of the risk, headaches and having to deal with awesome "customers."
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    Very good idea to build your own digital product business. Think of that business as a product extension of serving a given market - so you do need to decide on the market and problem you will help people with through your digital products. You mention helping people to self-publish - that could be a potential angle. If so, what you want to do is put together a set of steps - a system that you use to incubate 2 or 3 others who want to self-publish and come up with a system that works for them AND then you have case studies to help you launch the program.

    Along the way - you know doubt have tools and products you will recommend where you can augment your income with affiliate products.

    Whatever the market you want to enter with your digital products, remember that you are solving problems, filling desires and will continue to grow your product portfolio over time

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