Writers: What's reasonable to pay?

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Hi all... just throwing this out there, because I'm looking for a writer right now, and getting rates all over the board.

I have a great writer, (I know she's a find... who writes for $10/article and then re-purposes/posts for $5/article,) but she's swamped with lots of people's work, and is also dealing with a hurricane's aftermath at the moment, so I would like to find someone additional who's good at what they do and can write about 100 articles in the next 30-45 days on varying topics.

My craigslist posting got flagged as a SPAM post 3x already, though I'm not sure why.

My question:

What's reasonable to pay
- per article and/or
- For a block of articles if a writer knows that I have lots of articles I want written and am willing to send them all the article topics so that they can just plow through them quickly (some taking lots of research, and some taking practically no research)?

Thanks all!
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    Reasonable will of course depend on you, but personally $10 is on the high end for me, I wouldn't pay more than $6 for an article to be written if you are ordering them in larger quantities.

    I have found a few great writers from the USA on rentacoder who will write 20 articles for $4 each.

    Hope this helps

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    Obviously, it all depends!

    First, it depends on you and what you can afford and what you think is a reasonable price for the quality that you're getting.

    For writers, a lot depends on where they live and how quickly they write. Each writer has an idea in their head of an acceptable hourly wage and how many articles they can write in an hour. I'll write articles for $10/article sometimes, but it depends on the niche. If it takes a lot of research and time to write it, forget it. I still need to make a good rate per hour.

    Also, $10 goes further in some places than others.

    I guess this is basically a roundabout way of saying that there is no real standard. You have to take the offers that you get and see which one provides the best value.


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      What's the mature market, offline that is, writer's pay for articles anyway, a penny a word? It aint much for the professional hacks, iirc. Maybe I'm just thinking of the average newspaper or magazine writer...

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    You can pay $2-3 per article at DigitalPoint and Rentacoder. They have good writers.
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      Thanks all for your help! And for those who've PM'ed with suggestions and referrals. Much appreciated!

      WarriorForum truly is a great place to be.

      Jonathan Kraft
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