Do you have an isnare account?

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Hi Warriors,
Looking for anybody has used there services and thoughts on them over all?
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    I tried them. I got to be honest. I wasn't too impressed, though. It costs me $2 for an article and it took almost a week for each of my articles approved.

    Frankly, I didn't get much traffic from my articles, and I didn't really get much of an SEO benefit.

    I think you are better off using one of the article services where you pay a flat monthly fee or or an article submission software. In the long run, they are a much better deal than isnare.

    Hope this helps.
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      I use them. I pay a buck an article.
      It does take up to 12 days to get an article apporoved but once you have 10 or 20 articles in que who cares how long it takes.
      I see traffic and back links from the articles .
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    Takes a while but I see links keep showing up months later. For the price, it can't be beat, IMO.

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    You must know that Article Marketer is the no.1 choice for article marketing. They are really good.
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      Thanks guys,,
      I should have been more clear- am looking for someone with an unlimited account. I want to leverage another service, That costs $47.00 a month (I submit articles for your- you submit for me)

      PM me if thats better.

      Article marketing is long term and lots of numbers... 1 to 2 articles wont cut it....As for Article marketer being the best....a test works better than opinions......
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    Not recommended.

    Approval process is slow, customer support is almost non existent.

    Nothing to see here

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      I use Isnare and honestly, it takes FOREVER to submit the articles... One article took me like 2 weeks to submit :/ and it's also kind of costly = Over seven hundred dollars a year. Also, right now they have a "delay" sign up which has been there since I started which was a month ago... I wonder when that will go down anytime soon. I'm trying to change services - does anyone now of a good one? Thanks.

      I'm a starter, but I am willing to try everything I can to be a successful internet marketer and chase my dreams. If you can answer any of my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    I really like isnare even though they can take 2 weeks to distribute your article.
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