Drunken Night has found me an untapped niche!!

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Ok warriors,

last night was a little messy! I am staying at a caravan park in cairns and we met another group of young travellers and well the wine is flowing bla bla bla and we were noisy then 3 blokes come over and are well all I can say is completly bare arsed naked! The security come over and we were told to go drink in the park.

We tried losing the 3 guys and we couldn't anyway they got arrested!! In fact we all got stopped and had to give names ect the rest of us were fine but the others go banged up for the night!

(this is going somewhere)

We returned to our camper and started talking and one of the chaps was interested in what I did online so showed him a little it was quite funny! I busted out Market samurai and said give me a word... and he did! oh boy the figures that came back were insane anyway I re checked my findings and cross tested and well I am blown away its amazing a few beers can really help you think out side the box.

So today I have bought a new domain and have my arsenal of tools ready to get this niche tapped!!

Quite a random post I know but might be an interesting read to someone.

Market samurai is sooo powerful if you are without it your are missing out big time


PS yes I have a sore head and no I do not condone drinking
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