.com with suffix or clean .co domain name?

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Hello there fellow warriors, I need your help in deciding what domain name should I buy for my new website.

As you all know perception plays a big role in branding, so consequently I'm quite fearful of a .co domain being shrugged and classified as second tier, while a .com domain having a "site" or "brand" suffix might be too long.

What is your opinion on this matter, I'm sure many of you can speak from experience. Thank you very much.
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    I almost always try to get the .com

    Unless you have an awesome .co I'd personally aim for the .com
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    Just to make myself clearer, let me give an example.

    Suppose that TechX is my website name, awfully generic and borderline absymal I know.

    My choices are between www.techxsite.com or www.techxbrand.com or any other suffix or www.techx.co
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      Originally Posted by NathanRoth View Post

      My choices are between www.techxsite.com or www.techxbrand.com or any other suffix or www.techx.co

      Limited thinking I'm afraid. In reality you have hundreds of choices but you need to think strategically and creatively.

      Stick with dot com if your intent is to sell something. It's what people recognize and will always type into the address bar if they are not sure about the extension.

      Additionally, if you build a successful business and someday decide to sell, dot com will bring you more attention and probably more $$s.

      Go over to Impossibility.org or LeanDomainSearch.com and use their domain suggestion tools. You will be given hundreds of available dot com domain names. Get creative and pick something memorable, brandable, and descriptive of your business. Don't "settle" because you think all the great dot coms are gone ... they're not.


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    It really depends upon the niche for your site.

    If it's a local business, go for .com
    If it's an online site only, then the clean .co is fine.

    The more traditional and offline your business/site is, the more I lean towards a .com
    The newer more techie your site is the .co is perfectly acceptable.
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    IMO, .com has become ingrained into society. You say a domain name and everyone is going to associate it with .com

    If you are just going to drive traffic from a click, then it's really not going to matter. However, if you want to build any kind of name recognition, then it really needs to be a .com.

    At least that is my opinion.
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    It's amazing that people underestimate NTLDs..buy the .Co

    dot com is played out. save those for niche sites..branding is all about standing out.. so stand out! don't listen to the herd.
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