What's quickest way to gain premium Free traffic ?

by genevm
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Whats the best way to gain quality traffic for free, in which will convert more sales and increase lead/opt-ins..

Really would like to hear your response!

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    To try to set expectations... free and quick often do not happen together..

    How are you currently getting leads/traffic?
    Have you considered trying to network via social media?
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      To try to set expectations... free and quick often do not happen together..

      How are you currently getting leads/traffic?
      Have you considered trying to network via social media?
      Facebook ads but just narrowing down things paid ads are the best free is not 100% reliable
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    Premium, Free & Quick?

    Pick 2 of the 3 things you want, you're not going to find all 3 together.

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      Originally Posted by TenaciousGrease View Post

      Premium, Free & Quick?

      Pick 2 of the 3 things you want, you're not going to find all 3 together.
      I agree with this. With good SEO you can get premium and free, but it takes longer to rank and push out competition who didn't do the work.
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    I get more conversions from traffic I get through the SERPS. However, FB advertising is what works best right now.
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    using hashtags on Instagram should help get some people to look into the photo or your bio leading to a link
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    I think from social media you can get very good traffic. but if you want to know about free traffic then you need to work SEO.
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    Hey one of the best ways is to produce quality YouTube videos

    Works very well when done right!
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    the best free traffic is paid traffic..

    5 month "free" traffic method plan vs a 5 min paid traffic set and forget method...

    which would you rather pay?

    -Ike Paz
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    Originally Posted by genevm View Post

    Whats the best way to gain quality traffic for free, in which will convert more sales and increase lead/opt-ins..

    Really would like to hear your response!


    You can go to forums and blogs related to your niche.

    Just Google search for them and post quality comments regularly.

    You can also do a search for Facebook groups and fanpages related to your niche and do exactly the same.

    Or live offline events related to your niche as well from sites like Meetup.

    Hope these helps.

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    I've been working online for over 8 years now, and if I'd learned anything, it's that nothing good ever happens by wanting to get results fast.

    So, I'd like to advise you to let go of that mindset. I've wasted years because I was running after "quick this" and "quick that". If I had buckled down and focused on quality instead, I'd be MUCH more successful than I am now, and I consider myself quite successful.

    Premium free traffic is the best kind of traffic, because you get people who consider you an authority, and are ready to buy.

    So, look at communities in your niche. This could be forums, facebook groups, skype groups, etc. I'd also recommend content as the best way to establish authority. This could be your blog, youtube videos, facebook/forum posts, whatever may be. It is better to publish most of your content in your web properties (like your blog) rather than depending on 3rd parties.

    Then, start posting and networking. Provide value in your niche. Over time, you'll see an increase in your traffic. Build a list (E-mail list, push notification list, etc). Continue to provide value.

    Once you're sure that you have a decent following (some of them would be rabid fans of yours), start selling products to them. You could either sell your products or recommend affiliate products. Either way, they should provide more value than your free content, or all your work will be for nothing.

    This is by no means a fast way to make money. This method takes time. Could be months, or years in some cases (if you're not consistent). But, this is one of the only methods that have lasted since the inception of Internet marketing, and people have become millionaires from doing this.

    So, you could either run after quick traffic, or take your time and build a brand. The latter will ensure your early retirement.
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    You need to use other people's traffic in order to do that. Kind of borrowing it in way.

    You do this by guest posting, being a guest on a podcast etc. You should already know your subject and be somewhat of an authority.

    Most ways of getting free traffic will result in just a trickle. If you can afford it, paid traffic is the way to go.

    Even though the barrier to entry is low online, this is a business. Imagine opening a new pizza shop and just relying on free methods of advertising.

    Your best bet is to do both.

    Good luck.
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    Originally Posted by genevm View Post

    Whats the best way to gain quality traffic for free, in which will convert more sales and increase lead/opt-ins..

    Really would like to hear your response!

    YouTube videos is by far the best way to get traffic. Google owns YouTube so it loves videos and they are easier to get on page 1 than websites.

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    Most people here talking about paid ads like FB. I tried FB but it not giving any results. Even I geotarget clearly but get visitors from different countries which is not my target at all.
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    I would say to create Youtube videos or write articles with good content
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    Hey, Here are some ideas of the best free traffic sources (you will need to put effort into it):

    - Forum marketing : Answer posts on forum related to your niche to help people. Choose thread that have a lot of views, this way you will have potentially more visits to your website (put the link on the signature). You really have to take time to search for good threads and for writing a good, constructive and helpful answer. You can also create thread.

    - Guest post : You can also ask a blog’s owner who has a lot of readers to do guest post: everybody wins, he gets high value content to his audience and you get traffic to your website.

    - Youtube : This is one of the quickest way to get traffic. Just post videos regularly, commit to it and you will see traffic coming

    -Reddit : There are a lot of people on reddit, find a subreddit relevant to your business and post something of value

    - Social media : facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest

    - Yahoo! answers

    - Solo Ad Swaps if you have a list

    - Blog Commenting

    Pick two or three traffic sources and commit to it for a few weeks and you will have plenty of traffic.

    I know some great courses about free traffic, you can google it:
    -Jon Penberthy - Social Traffic Blueprint
    - Viral Buyers System
    - Ezra Firestone - Traffic MBA
    - Anthony Morrison - Fan Page Domination
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    YouTube always works well for me. Free and it gets a lot of internal traffic. Also, it's evergreen.
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    I think there are a few good ways to get quality traffic for free, but it usually takes time to get a good amount of premium traffic.

    Some of the best ways are:

    - Interacting on forums: Start interacting on forums related to your niche. Once you start getting involved and writing quality content people would be interested in checking out your site. You can add your site to your signature. But make sure to add value to the forum. This method can also work for FaceBook groups

    -Comment on authority sites: Try commenting on blog posts of authority sites in your niche. This is an easy way to get lots of traffic from people that are interested your niche.

    - Youtube: create consistent quality vids on youtube, and link to your site in the description. That a relatively quick way to get traffic. If you're providing lots of value people will be more inclined to check out your site. Also, as mentioned above, Google owns Youtube, so you could find that your vids rank on Google searches and provide further traffic.

    - Writing blog posts: Write quality blog posts which you optimise with keywords. If you write optimised content regularly you begin to start seeing targetted traffic.

    - Social media: You can provide value in your social media posts, and engage with your followers. This will encourage people to check out your link...therefore more traffic.

    I hope these give you some ideas on how to get premium targetted traffic. It won't happen fast, but if you're looking for free methods, then they can work very well.

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    My prefered free trafic sources its youtube i think its best ,i tried blog comenting facebook promotion etc .But nothing works like youtube

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    Finding forums in your niche and using your sig to direct people back to your site, or optin-page.

    Setting up a google alert for your main keywords--and then posting high quality comments when you get an alert.

    Blog commenting--type in your main keyword in google and find the big blogs in your niche--and leave high quality comments on the posts they make.

    Yes, you will need to actually read the posts to do this, but, remember, if your comment sticks people will see it for years to come--driving traffic back to your site.

    After a while of commenting on the big blogs in your niche--email the blog owner/owners and see if you can do a guest post--this will help to not only give you massive credibility in your niche, but, help drive good traffic.

    Last, but not least, get out there on social media--and interact with people in your niche.

    Do not sell, just be helpful.

    But the major key is, that while these methods work, they take time--you will be amazed however, how much you can get done if you just dedicate one hour per day to these methods.
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    A colleague told me:

    "I used to use Backpage to get free traffic to my website a while ago, in substitute of craigslist, and I will share these tips with you on how to get the most traffic from Backpage. Like a lot of free traffic methods, backpage does take work. Yes Backpage is a great place to get free traffic, but you need to spend some time on it, and to know how to use it the right way, otherwise it will be an epic waste of time. So if you want to get the a lot of free traffic from Backpage it is best that you:

    a) Write a killer ad- In order to get the maximum amount of clicks to your website you need to write a great ad. The best way to do this is to look at other craigslist ads, see which ones catch your eye and then model you ad based on them. make sure you link to your website at least 2 times, and include a photo aswell.

    b) Don't Overhype- Make sure you are not overhyping or promising unrealistic claims. Backpage have become rather strict on this kind of thing nowadays, so it is essential that you are promising realistic results to your clients. Again look at other Backpage ads and model your ad on the ones you like.

    c) Post to at least 5 major cities- When I started my email marketing campaigns in the weight loss niche, I would post my ads in both the biz ops and health and beauty section. This would give my ad more exposure. I would then post to the 5 biggest US to get US traffic only. But in your case, you can post to whichever city you like.

    d) Don't spam- Backpage is becoming tougher and tougher these days so make sure you follow their rules and guidelines. A year ago I post multiple ads to 10 different cities and because I failed to read some of their guidelines all my ads got removed with my account terminated. Make sure you read their rules and guidelines so that you don't get into any trouble.

    So to answer your question, yes Backpage is a great source of free traffic, but you need to put in a lot of work (Posting everyday), and you also need to make sure that your ad is good, and that you are not spamming.
    Hope that helped!"
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    My answer is to influence FB and Linkedin Groups
    Old school yes but to this day it WORKS

    Because the audience is highly targeted
    Because all you have to do is influence them
    And from there on they actually reach out to YOU

    Here is how

    1. Take a comprehensive training's that you would normally charge money for and GIVE to the group without any email signup or link to your site if need be. IF you do have them to your site disable the popup emails if you have them.
    2. Answer any questions in the group and help without really asking them to PM you.
    3. They are going to follow you on FB and Linkedin
    4. Some re going to PM you even without you asking
    5. Create an opportunity to close on a sale

    Natural organic and works everytme

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