How Do You Get Coaching and Consultant Clients?

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So, I've been filling up my business with coaching clients and consultant clients for both of my programs. There are three funnels that I use to get more clients and I'm going to share each of them with you today.

1) The Webinar Funnel: This is a simple, fast and easy way to get more clients into your coaching program and consulting program. It's all about the value you deliver and I've found huge success by never selling anything on the webinar, and instead, using it as a way of thinning out the lead heard, and getting people to schedule a strategy session. The strategy session Webinar funnel is good for products between 1,000 and 5,000 for cold traffic.

2) The Value Video Series, this like a Product Launch. You get in front of the camera, or you make videos educating people on three major strategies through three videos, then offer them your coaching program, boom, coaching program. Good for 1,000 to 2,500

3) The Free-Report Funnel, or what I like to Call the Retargeting Campaign. This is where you get massive lead generation. The proper free report, guide, or anything, can really put people from the coldest traffic into the warmest. I then retarget people to the a single value video, which works like a blog post advertisement. Pretty much, everyone that hits the opt-in page is retargeted with, "Hey, Hope You're Finding The Free Report Amazing, We Want To Keep Giving The Value, So We Made This Awesome Free Video That Reveals: (CPC is usually between .50 cents, and people are given the opportunity to sign up to a free training, which is my Webinar but on Everwebinar. People who hit that video, but don't sign up for the free training, are pixeled and retargeted with another video and excluded from the previous ad, so forth and so on. With 100 dollars a day driving traffic to the Free Report, and 20 dollars a day driving traffic to each retargeting campaign, it usually comes out to about 200 people added to the marketing cycle in some way for about 160 a day.
And for my offer, every 500 dollars was creating a 2,500 dollar client.

Hope this is helpful, curious what anyone else in the coaching consulting field are doing to get more clients? currently I'm getting about 10 Strategy sessions a week and taking 2 to 3 new clients at 1,600 dollars a month.
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