Heavy Graphics VS. Minimalist Graphics

by magwoi
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I can not decide on which type of Graphic design to use on my new Sales Page. I have three options.
1. Heavy graphics like on The Clickbank Code

2. No graphics like that on Cell Phone Cash

3. Intermediate graphics like that on Six-figure CPA income | Zero Friction Marketing | Easy copy-and-paste money system on 30 videos

Which type of sales page converts better?


p.s the above links were taken from the CB marketplace, so I assume none of them are affiliate links even though the second appears to be like one.
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    I don't know which converts better, although I prefer the third one - it's got enough graphics to keep me interested, but also too few graphics to distract me - hence I keep looking at the sales page writing

    Of course, both (2) and (3) have that annoying "Wait, don't click away just yet!!" pop-ups which annoy me and mean I don't buy, but that's just an off-topic mini-rant
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    My preference is somewhere between 2 and 3.

    But you know what? Who cares what I or any other warrior likes?

    You've got to test it. I know, testing is tedious. I avoided it for a long time but I'm finally starting to do it because there's been too many times that a new design or headline that I thought was killer has flopped.

    You'd really be surprised at what comes out on top with testing. Maybe no graphics is best for your visitors...
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    I agree..
    to think that a certain graphic will convert better 'just because' doesn't make sense... test as much as you can and best of luck... don't let the decision process slow you down!
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    Yes I agree that testing is the way to go. I was just looking at a starting point. Getting each of those pages done will range from $300 to $1500.

    I was looking for advice on the best starting point. Putting all three up will be mighty expensive.

    The suggestions so far imply that there is no starting point. I have a feeling there is though. I know that this time next year, I too would have a starting point.

    Surely there are plenty of warriors who have already walked the path I am contemplating. I would imagine Marlon Sanders or John Reese would not launch a Sales Site with 10 different Sales Pages to begin with just for the sake of testing. They would probably start with one.

    I am just wondering which type they would start with in order to generate better conversions.

    For example with AdSense I can categorically say that too many typical graphics hurts conversion. So the starting point for an AdSense site should be with the minimum of graphics. I have walked that path, so I know what to do with AdSense. What I do not know about is direct response Sales letters. Hence my query.

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    I Think that Minimalist Graphics is better and more professional
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  • There is no way to know without split testing. If you can't get the pages done budget wise, then I would go with the minimal graphics--in our testing it does better for most products requiring a sales letter.
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    There is a time and place for graphics so I suggest you test and find out which one works better in your campaigns.
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    I agree with the above posts. You have to test them to see what works for you. May be you make a good combination for images and text that keeps people interested or may be you wright so good that when entering people will definitely stay reading at what you wrote. Why don't you try a combination... try to make a simple balance between the 2 and 3.

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    I think the strating point will depend on the nature of your project, the sales page content and your target market.

    If your product and its sales copy is about getting rich very quick while you are asleep by just pressing a few buttons; then the heavy graphics sales will appeal to potential buyers of such a product. This is because such buyers will usually be too lazy to read and most often will not be able to read at all. You ought to include a lot of videos as well and possibly one of you driving a fancy spots car into your fancy home.

    If your product and its copy is about a serious system that clearly requires work and dedication, then the minimalist sales page will probably work best. This is because most buyers of such a system will probably be serious people who are experienced and will have seen it all before. Such buyers will not be impressed by fancy graphics. They will be looking at what the system is and if whether you know what you are talking about. Such buyers do not like heavy graphics or video as they are distractions. Video slows them down as they do not want fluff. Graphics annoy them as it does not convey much.

    If your product is about how to make money if you have already failed in your initial attempts, then the intermediate graphics is the best approach. Buyers of such products are savvy enough to be put off by Graphics and not experienced enough to appreciate information centric minimalism.

    So it depends on your product. The above is a good guideline if you are not sure.

    There are more people who want to make money in their sleep by pressing a few buttons than those who want to commit to serious hard work. So you will make the most money if you target such people with a product promoted with heavy graphics and boastful videos. Such buyers will fail with such a system and then buy from you again though after you re-create the same product but with a new name and fancier graphics as they will be too drunk to remember that the same system failed the last time. So my vote is for the shiny heavy graphics.

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    Start with the simplest, most basic salesletter with zero header images. Test.
    Then add a header image. Test.
    Then add a few more images. Test.

    Once you've got a winning design, hire out a "top gun" designer to rebuild the whole thing ala "wow".

    Tuck away the original template (just in case), put up the new "wow" template and test.

    You'll be closer to your answer.

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    It depends on what products you are selling and your target market. ie. if you are selling graphic packs or templates then you have to show your graphics with total authority.

    If you're selling products that has a limit in quantity or time sensitive, you may consider not to spend too much attention on graphics specially if you're product is good and you have tons of people on the waiting list during prelaunch.

    Top dog marketers usually don't bother putting graphics on their sales pages because they have huge list and huge following. Some top gurus don't even writing sales page just a video and add to cart button or optin form with no graphics at all.

    But if you are just starting out and trying to brand yourself and your products then graphics has a big role.

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    I would say minimal graphics with a neat w3c validated page. That's why we like Google.
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    Start with minimal graphics. It will cost you less than $100 to get such a site up.

    After you make a bit of money with your product, then you can start playing around with split testing.

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