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by roweis
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I have taken a few courses offered by various Internet marketing "gurus" on how to set up a website, select a domain name, register a domain, etc. and usually they recommend either Godaddy or Namecheap as the best domain name registrar. However, I have started checking (in the Whois Lookup) where these internet marketers register their own domains and almost never find Godaddy or Namecheap. I often find Enom, Inc. for example.

In fact, only one of the internet marketers said that if you you wish to be safe, don't register your domain with a "retail" registrar like Godaddy or Namecheap, because even one single complaint against your domain can result in having your name blocked or deleted by these two registrars. Is that true? Is it that risky? I had always thought that Godaddy or Namecheap were the best and most reliable registrars.

Can anyone advise me as to what domain registrar I should select?
Thank you very much!
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    The only way you get your domain name locked by a registrar is if it's infringing on someone's trademark. They lock it so you don't transfer it to someone else until the case is resolved by a panel of one - three udrp members.

    About registrars I have my favorites that included godaddy, and uniregistry.

    Their services have been good with for me.
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      Originally Posted by Julio View Post

      The only way you get your domain name locked by a registrar is if it's infringing on someone's trademark. They lock it so you don't transfer it
      Not entirely True but everyone is allowed an opinion....

      Go with Namecheap,never had a problem... Unless you plan to use the site for nefarious purposes youll be ok...

      Golden Rule... Never register and host with the same company...
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    Hey is my honest recommendation.

    1) If you are using the domain for search engine optimization you need to register each domain under different company registar. DO NOT register more than one domain under 1 account.

    2) Namecheap and godaddy are good.

    3) Go ahead and take action.
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    It can happen

    Namecheap will null route your domain and they are a reseller of Enom.

    I know people that in the past that have had problems with Godaddy. They would hold their domain hostage and made them pay a fine. I don't know if they still pull this crap or not.

    Most people don't have to worry about stuff like this. But if you are a really big mailer of third party data, then it is important.

    I use
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    I've used GoDaddy with no issues. My hosting (and most of my domains I've purchased) have all been through Bluehost.
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    I've been a web developer for 20 years and I highly recommend using No popups, no upsell, no sleazy ads and confusion like godadddy and other consumer domain companies. They still have lots of promotions, I think I opted into their newsletter, just comes 1x per month. You know godaddy from superbowl ads and race cars. Gandi gets customers from referrals and great professional service.
    Anyway just my opinion.
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    I wish to thank everybody for the helpful advice. No, I have no intentions of doing anything nefarious! I have done further research and Namecheap has a good reputation with most people.
    Thank you again for the help!
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      If you register your domain with a registrar, and then choose a different web host, the web host will often charge you a domain transfer fee. Save time and money - do your best to find one provider that can handle both your domain registration and your web hosting needs.
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    Keep registrar and host separate. Much easier to move a domain to a different host.

    I use and bluehost.
    Hope this helps

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    We have been using Dynadot for years. There staff is very helpful when we have questions - like how to register a UK domain. We have never had a problem with them. We haven't found anybody less expensive. When we pick up an expired domain, or a domain from an auction, we transfer it to Dynadot as soon as we can. Their web site is easier to use than any other domain registrar web site we have used. In short: We like Dynadot.
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    I have used three different ones in the past. I now use namecheap because I like their dashboard. Just choose the one you like.


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    For being the safest for your domain name, I suggest Moniker and Enom/EnomCentral. They won't yank your domain name if you get a single spam complaint like GoDaddy may. I also use NameCheap.
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    I've tried a ton of these companies before and the most reliable one has to be NameCheap.

    I had a neutral experience with GoDaddy but when they started upselling you on a million things when you're just trying to get a domain registered I migrated all my domains from their servers.

    It didn't directly affected me but it affected people I sent over there for a commission and they were full of questions, do I really need the backups, the e-mails, the website wizard, is like they try to get every single cent out of every customer that lands in their shopping cart (I don't blame them, it's a business after all but there are better ways to upsell services without alienating somebody that is not knowledgeable enough).

    I had really bad experiences with 1and1.

    Also a good recommendation is to NOT register your domain names on the same company you use hosting from (remember the saying, don't put all the eggs in one basket?)

    If for any reason, you get in trouble with your domain/registrar company, remember they have EVERYTHING on their side so I would use NameCheap to register domain names but host somewhere else just in case, cheers!
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    Namecheap all the way.
    I have 000's of domains with them, and never had a problem.

    I also have domains with GoDaddy, Netfirm, 1&1.
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