How To Get Buyers From Facebook

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Easy and not at the same time. Form My Shopify Mentor Adrian Morrison. Website Conversion Is THe Best Why? Because You Build A Pixel. A pixel Is Facebook Getting Data From your ad viewers. What i mean by that is when you do a campaign on facebook within the website conversion ad. facebook gets data from the person that see engage on your ad. so when they purchase view content add to cart etc... facebook see what kind of people it is and they push your ad toward these kind of people. so if you really want to make money online on the long term just do a facebook ad conversion website. more you get buyers more facebook have data more facebook will show exactly to the buyers. its not gonna take 5minutes but when its done it makes you money with anything why? because facebook and the pixel knows where to go to show to people who are gonna buy. have any questions ask for them i really want to help you guys
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