I (newbie) want to know all about proxies and how to use them and where to buy.

by ronijs
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I never used proxies, so I have many questions. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks.

1. How can I know that I am only one who use privete proxy?
2. So shared proxy is the same as privete, but more pople using 1 proxy?
3. I tried to use Free ZenMate VPN, but some sites said: Turn of proxy and try to register again. How about privete proxies? They will know That I am using proxy? If yes, is there any solution?
3. So If I want to create another account on website, I just clear cookies and change to new Ip? Do websites know I am the same person with differnt IP? Do I have unique browser or pc identity they see and catch me?
4. I want to use firefox for creating accounts. Is there any differnece what browser to use? What is the best addon, so I can easily change IPs with few clicks, without going into settings.
5.Recommend me cheap private proxies (under 10$/m). I need at least 10 new proxies/month with good upload speed with lots of bandwidth for uploading videos.
6. What about VPN? Bad idea? Because as I know they change IPs automaticly.
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