If I Die...

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If your family relies upon your online income, what have you done to ensure that income continues without you?

I've been updating for my wife a financial checklist of accounts, usernames, etc., of companies, bills, service providers, what to pay, what to cancel, etc., for when (not if) I croak.

Easy enough for phone and utilities. Easy enough for the law office.

But when it comes to the online business, this is tricky. There are affiliate programs that are profitable with pay per click traffic and will probably be so indefinitely.

But there are others I keep a close watch on, and certainly more than a few that could lose a boatload of money if not regularly managed. Something I can do from experience and being online since 1994, but not something I would expect my wife to properly manage.

Hosting, domain registration, pay per click, affiliate programs... a zillion things to know ... and a hundred thousand Warrior Forum posts evidencing the task at hand.

Basically, I need a trusted clone of myself who could determine the dogs to let go and the diamonds to keep.

A couple thoughts have come to mind:

- Be detailed in my explanation of various businesses, hundreds of websites, ppc, affiliate programs, own product sales, and hope she can swim instead of sink. But this is continually evolving and difficult to spell out without quickly being outdated.

- Tell her to post the issue on the Warrior Forum and see what response there is.

- Tell her to contact Allen and rely on his judgment to find a responsible person who can be trusted with accessing accounts and charging a reasonable fee.

- Have her just shut everything down and live off of life insurance. This would be the situation if I just had a law office as she is not a lawyer. But it would sure be a waste to shut-off six-figure streams of income that are mostly on auto pilot.

- Refer her to a service that handles this situation for online marketers. But I haven't heard of any.

Ironically, this would be a great service for an attorney / marketer such as myself to offer because of the trust and fiduciary responsibilities built into a legal relationship.

But I'm not interested.

Any suggestions? What have you planned, if anything?
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