What are the best ways to promote a software?

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Assume that its not on any market. Its a windows software and it has a website. I shared some free editions on relevant forums, did a little seo for google, did some social media shares etc. But they are all still not enough to get good traffic. What can I do for more about it?

Edit: Do you guys think that it would help if I submit this product to the windows app store?
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    I would offer a free trial of the software with an option to upgrade after the trial period.
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      Originally Posted by dayus444 View Post

      I would offer a free trial of the software with an option to upgrade after the trial period.
      I have 5 different free editions and these features are available in PRO version too.
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    Does windows have an app store ?

    There are many websites that list windows apps, search them and submit your software to all.
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    Can you share what the app does? That would be helpful for us to help
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    by social media, facebook,twitter,,,,,etc,,,
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    free trial with some restrictions will def work!
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    What's your software? I'd love to see it, I'm a web technology programmer myself hehe. Anyhow, I'd say there are a gazillion ways to promote a software. You just gotta find what business pain points your software fixes and marketing the living shit out of it until the sales come in . Literally, I'd go around solving people's business pain points and use that as the main marketing too. Too much money to be made in software, because there's too many problems that needs to be solved.

    Would love to know what exactly your software does, if so I'd probably be able to give you better ideas on what I think might work custom for you in help you sell more of your software. But that's the general gist of my marketing strategy, whether that be through software selling marketplace websites or through youtube tutorials on the usage of your software.

    Software is awesome!!!!!!!

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    Find some people who are big sellers in the niche that your software is applicable in and see if they would be prepared to JV with you.

    If the software is good and has a nice easy to use interface you might well find a great JV opportunity. Be prepared to split the revenues 50:50.
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    If you're selling it through a site like Avangate they have an affiliate scheme so you can get affiliates to market your software on your behalf.

    The only issue with this is that software affiliates don't seem to put much effort into writing review/tutorial type articles that would really help market the software.
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    Maybe you can try facebook ads to get it going.

    Hope you have a prosperous 2017!

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    Make a video reviewing the product and give details on how it can help the user drastically and then have them sign up for a 7 day trial that will charge the full price if not canceled after the 14 days is up.

    Just be sure to acknowledge this in your video or web page that you have the trial download version on.

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