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by arm86
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Hi guys,

I am currently looking for methods of generating extra income 'on the side', and have always been very interested in offering article writing services online. I am conscious that there are numerous ways to enter this market, ranging from websites such as TextBroker, to other mediums such as self promotion and the Warrior Forum.

For a bit of background information, I am a 30 year old successful professional from the UK, working within a huge private healthcare organisation. I enjoy writing and would like to use this as leverage towards a bit of extra income. I like to think of myself as a well educated, articulate professional with an ample vocabulary. However, I have no experience of entering this world.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how I can begin creating a portfolio of work which will help me subsequently win future projects and aid my development? I am unsure on which article writing sites are best to begin with (please bear in mind I am based solely in the UK). I should also add that I am perfectly happily offering any initial work free of charge in order to gain trust and provide a platform to demonstrate my capability.

Any advice would be massively appreciated.

Thanks very much guys!
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    You can do two things, either you go to job marketplaces or build your profile outside job marketplaces. But for the job marketplaces with Upwork or Freelancer

    I am perfectly happily offering any initial work free of charge in order to gain trust and provide a platform to demonstrate my capability.
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    Just out of curiousity, how much are you planning on charging?
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      Good question!

      I'm not sure how to position pricing as a newbie into the market place. This is another question I had for the forum; what is deemed as a reasonable starting price for a competent English writer who is new into article writing?
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        Originally Posted by arm86 View Post

        what is deemed as a reasonable starting price for a competent English writer who is new into article writing?
        There is really a lot that goes into this. For pure grammatically correct content, but nothing very unique, technical/complex, creative, or sales based ("copywriting"), $0.015 - $0.02 per word is a good starting point.

        Once you start to introduce expertise, unique or creative content, or really engaging sales letters, the price can creep to $0.03 per word.

        Without vast experience to show off, I think you'll struggle to get much more than $0.03 per word, though. Plenty of writers demand far more than that, but most are going to have a pretty impressive resume to back it up.

        And a little bit on $0.01 per word content ---

        There are plenty of buyers out there who will claim that they don't need to pay any more than $0.01 per word for native English writers. Are there native English writers out there who will work for $0.01 per word? Yes. They are a bit more difficult to find, and when you do, the content itself is probably going to leave a bit to be desired. For some, this is fine. Some buyers don't need really stellar or engaging content. If they're just trying to fill space and put up some decent text for search engines to crawl - decent content and grammar is fine. If you're willing to work for $0.01 per word and bang out lower quality stuff, that's also fine too. Nothing wrong with it, as there's certainly a market for it. Non-native speakers typically inhabit the $0.01/word and below realm. If you do choose to work for that rate, you'll have a pretty significant leg up over a lot of other writers.
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    First off put a signature in your profile adverting you are a writer. this way when people read your posts they will see your link and look you up. Second look at some of the old threads on the forum about becoming a article writer. The search button up top is the best way to start and read only the ones on main forum. I would also recommend looking up Maggie Linder's and subscribe to her free blog.
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  • By the way, there is a New Year discount going on Udemy. So you can get course priced at $200 at $10. You might want to check and get suitable courses.

    There are lots of courses on writing and on freelancing.
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    You can basically either try your luck on the freelancing sites or you can create your own site and sell from there. You could potentially make more money selling from your own website and forums like this are a great place to get business from.
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    Start a free blog to showcase your talents.
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