Different RAP Business Models?

by ProEFI
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I just purchased RAP and I'm excited to get started with my own affiliate program (and dump Clickbank).

I've read David "The Tool Wiz" Schwartz ebook entitled "How to Build a Viral eBook Empire" and find it an interesting model to follow. However, I'm curious as to how others are doing it with one off product sales. Does anyone here do it differently than the "Mall" concept that David describes?
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    You can do it either way, or both ways depending on the site. The ones that are doing one off usually are using the sales/affiliate part for maximum performance. Totally automated.

    What are your plans, or how would you like to structure things? A lot of different options with the varied add ons, the big one right now being the members/PayPal add on and just released, the WordPress Integration Pack.

    Also, if you go to the RAP forum, it's a treasure trove of marketing strategies.


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    Thanks John,
    I have several different products, most of which are related to one niche. I'm thinking of having one domain with RAP and all sales pages and a front "mall" built from Wordpress.

    I just don't know about a domain name for the main site. I understand that I would be redirecting domain names (specific to the products) to my main site. How necessary is it for SEO purposes to have a domain name related to the niche?
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    It would definitely help to have a 'keyword targeted' domain name and yes, you can use a blog for you product listings. I have a couple clients that do it this way.

    Your blog would be top level, RAP admin and all you products in folders and a blurb about the product with a link to the sales page or the sales copy as posts/pages with the order link on the page.

    Does that help?


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    Absolutely. Thanks John!
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