Can anyone help me with affiliate marketing..? i can't even get passed the sign up part lol

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Hi, for the last 6 months i have been learning & studying about affiliate marketing.

I love to educate my self on new ideas & ways to make money. Fortunately for me i don't look for the quick way to wealth, as i know affiliate marketing doesn't happen over night.

So i got excited to start up, as i go to sign up to click bank N CJ.....both of them asked me for a 9 digit number of some kind. It was on the part where you connect your bank with the affiliate programme (wire money). I don't know what this number is or where I'm suppose to get it.

I just have a normal bank account.....does anyone know what i can do..?

I literally ran in to this problem I'm all excited but i can't even get passed the sign up stage.

Any ideas....
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