Happy birthday Omar!!!

by Cherilyn Woodhouse 9 replies
Yep, Omar K. is turning 22 on Thursday... So I thought I would publicly humiliate him by announcing it before he does. (Thanks, WF Calendar!)

To turn this into an at least slightly relevant thread, while sending over your birthday wishes (because everybody needs to be embarrassed on their birthday), be sure to include your thoughts on how to use your birthday - or anyones birthday - to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Happy birthday.

- Cherilyn
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    Omar must be neck deep in his schoolwork. I haven't heard from that guy in ages!
    Where are you Omar? It be nice to see you around a bit more.

    PS: Happy Birthday!
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    al the best!
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    • Hmm... wrong Thursday I guess. My bad! Sorry Omar, but happy birthday anyway.

      - Cherilyn
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        Ways to use your birthday to effectively market...

        - Use it as an excuse to send a post card to each customer/client you have an address for, and give them a present on the card
        - Have a birthday sale (include a picture of yourself in a birthday hat on the sales page) on your most popular/expensive products and give some birthday bonus to those who actually buy on your birthday
        - Have a giveaway in the month of your birthday with other marketers who have birthdays that month... everyone promotes and builds each other's lists and celebrates having the same astrological sign, or birth month...
        - Have someone working in your business email your customers/clients requesting that they guess your age, what city you were born in, what year you graduated, etc. The customer/client who gets closest (and/or tells you the right answers soonest) gets 1 hour of free phone consultation, and everyone else gets to find out these details about you...
        - Find/create a worthwhile charity event and ask your customers/clients to donate the money they would have spent on a present for you (I did this here: $29 For Water?: Strive4impact Main Page)

        Those are off the top of my head. I'm sure I could come up with some others.

        Happy Birthday Omar!

        Jonathan Kraft
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