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I have discovered a fantastic niche to focus on. What is the best platform to sell the eBook. I was thinking Amazon, but i'm concerned people will get confused and think it's a paper book. Also, can non - Kindle customers still get the eBook to read on their phone / computer?
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    I am not the best qualified to help you but you can put it also on affiliate sites where people can sell it for you and try it also on amazon you dont have nothing to loose
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    Have your eBook up for affiliate marketing! In this way, affiliate marketers will be the one to promote your eBook, given that you give them commission in every sale they make.

    You can also promote your eBook on your website, blog or social media.

    Good luck!
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    ClickBank is a good place to start. There is a set up fee and they do take a small percentage of each sale but that's the cost of doing business.

    The cool thing about CB is that if your ebook converts well it will start to show up in the market place for affiliates to see.

    This is where real money can be made.
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    Kindle books can be read on a phone or computer. Buyers do not need a Kindle device. Books on Amazon are clearly sold as paperbacks or ebooks so buyers will not be confused. You can also set up your book in Createspace on Amazon and then it can be sold as a paperback.

    Jvzoo is another good option if you want affiliates to be able to sell your book.

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    I would either go with clickbank or amazon.

    If pressed I would say amazon because of the fact that so many people go there, and they trust amazon, so that part of the battle is already won.

    People, in my opinion will think, well it is on amazon so it must be good.

    So, they will be more inclined to take a chance and buy it.

    Hope this Helps.

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    Put it on sale using jvzoo and then let affiliates promote it, click bank also works I just prefer jvzoo for selling.

    Make it like a book launch.
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    Plenty, just Google it. Try all available platforms, nothing is best, the more the better. The beauty of eBook selling is post-then-forget. I have couple of eBooks posted in almost 10 years ago when I was just starting my IM route. I've never updated my posts since, in fact I forgot about them but Tradebit still sending money to my Paypal account from sales generated by these eBooks.. sweet!
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    I would go with Amazon. They are rolling out paperback publishing integrated into KDP as well, instead of just createspace.

    If you would like some basic tutorials and useful info, please visit my site at

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    Just remember when selling on the river (amazon) you will have a ton of competition and you still have to market it. I think it is far to easy to buy a book on Kindle. But if I had to market it as well I would sell it from my own site and give the front end money away and let affiliates have all of that plus 70% of the back end upsells.

    All I want is the people that purchase the things contact info. This way I can sell them more of my stuff and affiliate offers that match the niche.
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