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I was out to dinner tonight and some mouth at the table was big noting himself

As a big IM for Amazon and I thought I read some where that they do not take on associates from countries they do not have a store in! now i am most prob wrong about this and some one will set the record straight

So my question is this

How do they pay you cheque, direct debit , goods

Cheers Jason
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    We're US-based, but we get Amazon payments from a bunch of different countries. And yes, we get paid by check, but in the Amazon store currency, not our own (e.g., GBP for

    As to whether you can join in Australia, this is from their program policies page:

    In addition, if at any time following your enrollment in the Associates Program you become a resident of the United States of America jurisdictions of Arkansas, Maine, Missouri, Rhode Island, or Vermont, you will become ineligible to participate in the Associates Program, and your Agreement will automatically terminate on the date you establish residency in that state. In addition, you must promptly notify us in writing of your Arkansas, Maine, Missouri, Rhode Island, or Vermont residency, which you must do via the Contact Associates Customer Service methods here.

    Obviously I can't speak for Amazon, but if you stay out of a handful of US states, it sounds like you'll be fine.
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    Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post

    So my question is this

    How do they pay you cheque, direct debit , goods

    Cheers Jason
    Hi Jason,

    They pay via cheque in USD unlike with Kindle where they do direct credit.

    I would have expected by now for them to have switched but no it is still cheque.

    One tip is to set your payout limit to a higher level than the default for Aus which is $100 otherwise you get a cheque every time you pass the limit which given exchange rates and the foreign conversion fee and the 28 days clearance time takes a chunk of the money.

    Best regards,

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