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Hey warriors!

I'm starting a new service that I'm going to be selling online. It's a monthly service that people could either buy 1 month of, or have a recurring plan for many.

Why question is..what payment processor would be best for this? I need something that can easily rebill people every month if they stay with the service, but I'm not taking on a TON of clients so it doesn't matter if its not 100% automated, although that would be nice.

Any advice would be great, thanks warriors!
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    Hey, I would try Paypal or 2 Checkout.

    If you want something more elaborate.

    I would go with
    One shopping cart.
    You can even create an affliate program with that one,

    Take care,
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      is it easy with paypal to charge them every month without having to integrate it into a shopping cart which handles the "paypal recurring payment" module?
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    both paypal and 2checkout are easy to use. however,
    1) 2checkout's rate is higher.
    2) paypal will automatically cancel the subscription if clients credit card is expired or changed. 2checkout will try to charge for the updated info.
    3) buyers can use credit card with 2CO directly, paypal needs an account to be used.

    so, why not both? give buyers choices.

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    What are everyone's thoughts on having a merchant account+gateway payment method vs clickbank. I'm not worried about the additional costs involved with the shopping cart method.

    I have a recurring billing service.
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