Increased Web Site Traffic With 10 Secrets

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1. Make it a habit to update your website with fresh content once or twice a weak. Search engines don't like static sites that never change, so they drop them faster than you can say "where'd my site go?" You don't have to update every page of the website; just the most active area. Placing a small script counter on the page may help to show people when it was last updated; visitors appreciate this.

2. Allow your customers to opt-in to a special "customers only" newsletter. Or, you could let them opt-in for discounts and special monthly coupons. Make sure that every page has some reference to the newsletter or free discount/coupon membership.

3. Add a "Bookmark This Page" script and place it on every highly visited section of your site, as well as the homepage. Make the hyperlink something more exciting than "Book This Page". Try "Don't Take a Chance & Lose This Website! Add Me To Favorites Now!" or something even more creative.

4. Openly ask for partners and affiliates. Tell visitors and potential partners that you will list their product and/or website on a special section of your website; if of course they do the same for you. Be careful doing this though; after all, you don't want to promote your competitors products.

5. Make your website familiar to your visitors. Use the same colors, logos, and design throughout the majority of your website. And to be safe, always have a "Contact Us" link on your website, preferably on every webpage.

6. Use keywords and titles that your customers & visitors will remember. This will ensure that they won't get lost while exploring your site. Either that, or it will just come in handy in case they somehow lose their bookmarks.

7. Get you hands on an "E-mail A Friend" script and put it in the most popular areas of your site. Most of these scripts allow you to have the "E-mail a Friend" form already filled out for the visitor, so all they'll have to do is click & enter in their friend's email address.

8. Make sure your website has a clear and concise "Policy" page. Be sure that it defines your websites policies and how you conduct business. The more information, the better.

9. Create an in-depth FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. Make sure it addresses the most common questions and gives clear understandable answers. If there are any doubts about your website in the minds of the customers, a FAQ page will help remove them. A FAQ page will rarely answer everyone's questions, so be sure to place a big contact-us link; something like "If Your Question is Not Answered Here, Please Contact Us"

10. Don't spam a newsletter or discount subscriber with lots of offers and/or "great deals". Most subscribers only want what they signed up, not bogus spam. And if a subscriber does choose to opt out of your list, honor their request. If you want to have a reputable website & business, then you have to treat your visitors and customers with respect.
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