Can list be used to sell Different Niche Product

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Dear Friends,

I am new to affiliate marketing and have a question.

Once you make an email list when you belong to certain niche. Can you promote different niche product to same email list.

Is it Legit?

Thank You !!
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    Since you have a list that you know is interested in one topic, I suggest you continue to give them more about that topic. As you do, you might ask them if they're interested in the other topic. Indeed, you might even write them a brief ebook on that topic and offer it to them with an optin form in each educational email. That way, you've got a new list in that other area without losing your existing list.
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    I wouldn't recommend it..

    They probably won't be responsive, will unsubscribe and you've undone all your hard work.
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      Right! You've got to give them what they want. It's got to be related in their minds, otherwise even my suggestion of adding it to the right-emails will get them to unsubscribe.
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    It might be better not to promote another niche to them,instead you can build a new list for that other niche instead.

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    You should build several lists; one a generic macro niche and as people make purchases, place them on anther buyer's list. Always work from general list building to specific and tighten the niche as you go.

    Always remember to build a relationship, focus on what you promised to deliver and over deliver.

    I use freebie seekers and send them to my blogs for traffic and give them, incentives to share content (more free stuff) as freebie seekers have friends and they may buy even if the generic list does not.

    This way as you go from generic to specific (i.e. internet marketing to make money selling software) so does the quality of the content to deliver to the people who make purchases and you get upgraded permission on the way to send them more "information", which incidentally leads to many more conversions, low complaints and increased traffic and sales.
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