Im getting clicks on fiverr but NO purchase. what do i do to bag a customer?

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I have recently started up a Fiverr service. My gigs are web design & making beats/music for people. I have been on fiverr for a month now & had over 76 clicks on my gig but no1 has gone ahead and paid for the service. I have studied this for a few months with a book and course. Made sure i had a video not just a photo, changed my prices to okay to lower and still no purchase.

Any Ideas....?
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    Since your gig is very new and does not have any positive reviews. So, It will take some time to gain trust fro the users. You can make your gig more attractive by adding something valuable to it. You can also take help of your friends and ask them to buy your gigs and give you some positive reviews. This will definitely increase your conversion rates.

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    The odds of you making money from traffic on fiverr are slim. I mean money that's worthwhile.

    I could flame fiverr all day long but I won't, maybe later.

    You need to focus on your own traffic source instead of depending on fiverr traffic, the reason is there's a billion other folks giving away their services for pennies so your gigs are pretty much going to be buried where they won't be found by fiverr traffic. I'm sure most fiverr traffic is searching for the gigs that have already sold a lot and have a decent reputation, even If that rep. is misleading.
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    I always say to my students "A Sale Is A Transfer Of Feelings" if you're chasing money by offering your service you'll probably never make any money.Think about how your service can benefit your customers if you start think this way every time you sit at the PC your results will change I promise.
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      This is very true. I do agree, i defo don't chase money. But the thing for me was i got 76 clicks but no1 paid for the service. I carefully studied what others were doing.....took some of there ideas but made it into my own. No doubt its only been a month. So i need to relax really lol but just needed to know if anyone had a good tips about fiverr.
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    Hi my name is Vidas Vegas and I'm online for over 8 years successfully earning good income by selling products as an affiliate and my own.
    I see many warriors complaining about not making any sales asking for converting traffic sources what products is the best to sell etc. Solution :
    Sale is a transfer of feelings. Everything is inside YOU the way you think and feel.
    Like example: apple tree cannot produce good fruits if the rut is poisoned you cannot focus on apples ( your results ) and wait until they become big and nice ( the rut is your thinking and emotions ) fruits is the results ( money etc. ) you should focus on your RUTS - Yourself inner world and the fruits take care on themselves automatically. Always stay positive the most important thing is feel good about what are you doing.Be sure that product you want to sell is resinate with you and you're 1000% know that product you sell is very good.
    People buy feelings NOT products ( you not buying a drill just because is a drill but because you want to make a hole in a wall ) explain to your "customers" what benefits they can get if they buy your product,give them value.
    How to make sure that product is good - buy yourself first to understand what is all about if the product is crap get refund.
    So if you think to make a buck only on the other side of computer people feel about it and probably never buy from you.
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    So i need to relax really lol but just needed to know if anyone had a good tips about fiverr.
    Forget about it and concentrate on building a real online business.

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