Affiliate Marketing and Public Exposition, need some input.

by gorxen
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Hey guys, I've been trying to get myself into the affiliate marketing world for over a month now, I've decided to get me started with Clickbank as a product promoter, so I've been going through the proper training for it.

During my training I've learned the importance of providing value and achieving an emotional engage with my potential customers to do so, but the problem is, so far every single marketing gur (or whatever you want to call them) affirms that the way to do this is by creating video content where you personally engage with them. But turns out I have diagnosed mild to severe social anxiety, for those who are not familiar with the term, please click here: So for me, that's not really a possibility, it would put on me way more stress than I can handle, so my question is: Is there such a thing as providing enough value and achieving an emotional engage without having to expose yourself publicly? If so, how? thanks in advance.
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    Is there such a thing as getting sales in marketing without having to expose yourself publicly?

    Contrary to what some would have you think you don't need to have a huge flock of followers to make sales. The majority of money I've made online came from people who don't have a clue who I am and don't care.
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    I also have social anxiety and it took years to overcome appearing on video.

    Still can't manage public speaking yet though.

    Listen, you don't need to use videos to sell..'s the information that you deliver is what matters.

    Provide a heap of value to your list and they'll love you for it.
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    a video sales letter is not essential.

    it does convert better for some but it's not the end all be all..

    you can test sales letters to see which one converts best.

    if you wish, later down the road when you got some cash you can reinvest into some fiverr video spokesmen.

    best of luck,
    -Ike Paz
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      The fiverr video is actually a good idea, thanks, although for now i'll try with no video and see how it goes.
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