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I have a question that I hope is a simple answer.

I've found a long tail keyword for my niche which is

keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 This phrase gets some really good traffic.

Now I'm wondering if I placed the word best or top or reviewed in front of these keywords so it's like:

best keyword 1 keyword 2 keyword 3 would it still rank for the phrase?

The reason I ask is by putting the word in front my ability to get on the first page of Google increases...


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    Hi Craig,
    If you keep the words Best, Top etc separated from the original keywords such as "Best keyword1" instead of Bestkeyword1 - your keywords should be ranking the same.
    Hope that helps,
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    What about if the keywords are in a different order?

    So if best keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 changes to best keyword2 keyword1 keyword3

    and since keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 has different results how do I know if best keyword 1 keyword 2 keyword 3 will rank on the page with the higher results?

    Sorry but i'm a little confused by all this...

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      If you change the order of the keywords, this will not rank the same.

      I have a couple of videos on page 1 of google for specific keywords, if I change the order of the words they then disappear.

      Hope this helps,

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    Usually gratuitous words such as best, top, #1, etc. carry no significant weight as far as search is concerned.

    Furthermore, Using such words typically will not increase your ranking and in most cases it will not significantly increase traffic either.

    Those types of words carry a meaningless effect when used in a sales pitch, since most readers are typically 'desensitized' to such marketing tactics.

    You would be better served to add in words which are more compelling and draw a better effect.
    For example I have successfully used

    "The definitive answer to keyword1 keyword2 keyword3"
    "The Undeniable truth about keyword1 keyword2 keyword3"

    Try to use words out of the norm which encourages your reader to stimulate his mind. old tired words like we are the best rarely have any effect and in many cases present a negative autonomic response in seasoned and educated buyers.

    Hope this helps!
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