What cheap domain do you recomend me? Just to make a redirect xyz. info or what else?

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Hi, i just need domains to make a redirect. What do you reccommend me . I found .info and xyz for $10 and $7 dollars.

I used all godaddy s promo and i dont like 1and1 what domain provider do you recommend me?

Do you recommend me any different domain instead xyz or info cheaper? Thanks!
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    Check out Namecheap.com. Good company, and they run a lot of promotions and coupon codes.

    You can get many domains for $0.99 for first year.

    After attempting to register a simple domain with GoDaddy and running their gauntlet of upsells, I wouldn't touch them with your ten foot pole.
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    How are you going to be using the redirect? Sometimes a .com helps to convey perceived authenticity as .com's are more established.
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    If you redirect it doesn't matter if it is a dot com or dot info as noone should see the site before it redirects. I have 5figurefreedom.info as an example and it redirects to fivefigurefreedom.info (I only wanted to build one site) and I know it redirects but can't see it... Maybe I am old though. All that being said, 1and1.com and namecheap.com are the cheapest. You can get domains for 88 cents to 99 cents.
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