How much should I spend with a limited budget?

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Ok, so my web directory (listify) is complete. Its a page where personal trainers can list their profiles for a small fee. Im doing a free sign up right now and allready got 70 people interested. I live in Norway with a population of 5 million. Everyone has new iPhones/samsungs, macs, use the internet, facebook is for 40-60 year olds, insta for 25-35 and snap for younger (pretty much like in the US or the west in general)

I got a nice following so far on instagram (3k followers - remember, small country) been slamming it organically for 3 months so i can average about 1k a month. Face only got 120 followers but I havent really done much other than liking personal trainer facebook pages and some posts on public pages relevant to traning.

There are really no competitors..there are a couple of generic listing sites which seems dead and forgotten, and there is one real competitor, but hes the reason I made the page. His page is awfully terrible. Looks like its from the 90s. But hes got good traffic and hes got about 400 paying users. My pricing will be almost half his, and the site is at least ten times as good.

Only problem, my budget is limited. Im not really full of cash, and my advertising/marketing budget is around 200$ a month. I know a dude whos been working at google here in norway, and hes going to help me with adwords..he was like, 10k a month should be nice, but i understand youve got a limited budget, so 1000k a month on adwords would be a reasonable budget....

Any suggestions on how I should market this page effectively? I think I know how to get personal trainers..the problem is getting traffic from their potential customers so i rank high, so pts would wanna join my site..

I got email lists, phone numbers, facebookpages, instagram-profiles,,i can reach the pts. But what about page users?

Is it just impossible with a very limited budget? Even in a small country?
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    You might want to consider starting a blog using your pictures. Since you're already doing pictures with social media, you've got the hard part in play now. You could add in Pinterest pretty easily. Then your existing strategies of getting social media attention could be leveraged to get people reading an article or two here and there whenever a picture catches their attention.

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