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How can I survive as a small player in a niche dominate by big players?
I run a small portfolio of niche dating sites. And I don't need to
tell you that my operation is small indeed compared with the likes of
Match dot com, Parship, POF etc. Well, the big brands have the big
bucks to buy up all the valuable keywords, competing with them is
financial suicide.

In the past, we survive on getting a good steady traffic from getting
a good ranking in organic SERPs position. That is increasingly
extremely difficult to maintain.

There must be room for a small niche player like us. I have been
tearing my hair out for many months about how we can generate steady
income stream, like we used to do in the past.

I will very much appreciate any tips or hints on how a small player
with time but less financial clout like us can survived in the online
dating industry these days.

Thanks for your contribution and suggestions in advance.
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    Originally Posted by evgeniy View Post

    How can I survive as a small player in a niche dominate by big players?
    Do what others do and create a wealth of fake profiles (or don't if you're more morally grounded).

    The big players are feeding fake profiles into the system by the dozen daily.
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    Here is a thought for you. Get people to promote your website with banners that you create and do giveaways. For example, a trip to oz. It is warm now.

    People wonder about the secret of success. Back in 1935, Dale Carnegie said that 15% of success is due to technical skills and 85% due to human engineering. I would say, that is even more source cause now. Funny how few understand what this means.

    Software firms can hire cheap as dirt programmers. Those are common over seas. However, none of their apps will help people because those coders know very limited English and cannot communicate with users. All executives want is to show on a spreadsheet that they are trimming expenses. However, we will get that for which we pay.

    I have yet to see some one win a Superbowl using players making the minimum wage. Talented people are expensive. However, they are worth every penny.
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    I think marketing plays a big role if you're aiming to get big as these sites. Also, show people that there is something unique with your website, that they couldn't find with others.

    Also, as Daniel suggested, if it won't matter much to you, creating fake profiles could help, as it shows that more people are signing up to your dating site.

    Good luck!
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    For dating I think offline could work quite well. I'm sure there are singles groups out there that would love to make affiliate money from your service.

    In addition to this I've found that some local councils do not charge that much for bus advertising especially if you can convince them you are local.

    Maybe going a off the charts and approaching some independent pubs / bars / clubs and seeing if you can supply them with some bar matts or alike.
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    I'm not sure fake profiles can help organic or PPC promotion. I want to get some fresh ideas/recommendations on where to get quality dating traffic in 2017. Especially UK traffic.

    And I compelety agree that big sites load thousands of fake profiles every day.
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    Have you considered making a CPA offer for your dating site then putting it on CPA networks? If your offer was on lots of CPA networks then you could get a good level of traffic.

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    go sub-niches or content marketing
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