Modelling Threads' Titles. Are You Already Doing It?

by jhongren 8 replies

I have been noticing fantastic thread titles written by some of the Warriors in this "Main Forum".

And you could use some of these tips for your WSO or any other threads in Warrior Forum.

Let me take some good examples of threads which have fulfilled this criterias:

above 1000 views
2. exceed one page

Personally, we should watch out for these posters whenever they post the next new thread. (I am sure these Warriors are very experienced copy-writers too. )

Just watch - their threads will most likely hit more than 1000 views and exceed 1 page.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >

I have posted the direct links of these threads so that we can access it conveniently.

(My comments are written below every title.)

Poll: Article Marketing Sucks And Is A Waste Of Time. (Multi-page thread 1 2)

(1. It is a poll which members can participate without contributing written content. It gets new members started relatively easy and this is how members can be more participative.

2. The title is controversial. We have always believed that article marketing works but it says "it is a waste of time." It gets people curious and want to check the post out.)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >

Anyone get neck and shoulder pain while marketing (Multi-page thread 1 2)

(1. neck and shoulder pain is a common problem which hit most of us, if not is something really personal and we can all feel commenting could be a form of verbal expression of inner can be fun to grumble about our pain in a group.)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >

You'll Make More $$$ On This Forum If You... (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)
Jason Moffatt

You Know You're An Internet Marketer When... (Multi-page thread 1 2)
Mike Williams

Your Best Advice For A New Warrior? (Multi-page thread 1 2)

(1. Making money is part of the many goals of an Internet sure helps me if I can check out this remember "What is in it for me?"...make sure your thread is of high value to the goes back to the core interest of members here...

2. I like the part "If You..." and "...When..." which leaves us hanging in the air. Such thread is for enticing readers and make them curious...Remember your thread title is to make people curious such that they are curious enough to open it...again, it is a double-edged sword for want targeted buyers and not curious there must be a balance there.

3. "Your Best Advice For a New Warrior"...this is very appealing to ALL. Everyone of us has been a new warrior before and I am sure we have something to does your thread appeals to all or certain group of Warriors with different level of expertise and experience?)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >

So in summary, the criteria to fulfill a well-received thread are:

1. appeal to masses
2. intrigue the readers
3. question based ("?")
4. And notice the usage of "You" (it is as if you are talking to the Warrior.)

What are the similar patterns you see in these 2 threads?

Confused - Clickbank and paydotcom - do people really buy this stuff? (Multi-page thread 1 2)

Can You Believe This...What Do Ya Do??? (Multi-page thread 1 2)
Luke Sample

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