Are you confusing traffic with value?

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Hi Warriors,

I've seen a few posts recently that say things like - "I've successfully created a new blog/site and am now getting good traffic (40 uniques a day) and now I want to monetise it".

I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you can create a blog from nothing and get more than 40 uniques a day with practically no work - it's not enough just to get a few random surfers to find your page because it got indexed.

I know that many people seem to think that traffic generation is some difficult thing and there are certainly many companies selling the idea (and their products) that once you have a website, all you need to make money is some traffic, but there's more to it.

Random traffic of a few tens of people a day is not likely to get you much (if any) revenue.

Putting up content and hoping that people turn up and click on ads or buy stuff is mugs game and if you're thinking that it's just a numbers game and the more pages you put up - the more likely you are to make a few dollars, on one level that may be true - but on another (and more profitable level), it's much more effective to be deciding where your money comes from and controlling it rather than throwing up content and sitting back to see what happens.

If you've been fooled into thinking that once you get a trickle of traffic, the money will start pouring in - please take this opportunity to think again and consider what actual value your business model has and whether it has the potential to get you to the goals that you're dreaming of.

Too many people get sucked in to doing really ineffective strategies that it can take months or even years before they realise they're wasting their time doing things that are never going to pay their debts, let them quit their job, or buy that new house.

If your dreams are big - but your business model is not - please step back and think about what you can reasonably expect from your current activities and whether it might be worth creating a plan with more balls and the potential to realistically realise your goals.

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