Trafficswarm can earn you over $20 million in 30 days!

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I stumbled across Trafficswarm a couple of days ago and signed up to see how it worked.

I spent some time clicking ads and got bored pretty quick, I was about to give the whole thing up when my girlfriend asked me what I was doing. I explained I was clicking advertisements in exchange for traffic.

She wanted to give it a try so she sat in my chair and started clicking, I went and made some coffee, came back to a very amused girlfriend sitting laughing at my laptop.

She asked me why everything is for free? Look here she says, I can get a free iPod, and what are all these jobs they are offering me where I can work at home and earn lots of money?

I tried to explain things to her and told her she can stop clicking, she said no way this is funny, and she proceeded to write down every $ amount promised as income by advertisers if she bought their IM product.

She spent about an hour doing this, the net result was.....


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