Is it good idea to do adv / affilite mkting on own brand page

by Linens
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I am selling my own products on my webstore and its blog site also to increase brand awareness and to engage customers. I sell beddings, curtains pillw shams table covers etc at Linens'n'Curtains.

Now my question is -

Can i promote related products which i am not selling like beds, pillow inserts curtain rods etc on my website or blog? It can be done either thru affiliate marketing for them or may be direct contacting them and charge them for add placement? or any other way?
If yes - then on webstore? or its blog?

Is this good idea? what is right approach?

Will it harm my brand?
Will it reduce my traffic? or help me improve it?

Please suggest.

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    It was a Nice Idea.

    Example :
    If your product is pillow, & you will be promoting the product "pillow". So the targeted customers are not only interested in buying pillow but also on other related products such as bed sheet, bedding, curtains, etc etc.. right ?

    So, adding related products / affiliate products to website always add value & sales to their own product.

    Avoid adding unrelated affiliate products to your website, since they're not your targeted customer / clients. Best of LUCK!

    Vazgha Valamudan
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    To me it only makes sense to suggest some items that compliment what you are selling
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    Actually, It wad a very good idea.
    There is nothing wrong in selling complimentary products, besides, your customers will be happy about that.
    You can insert it on your website and blog.
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