Are You Sick And Tired Of This..?

by Mike Hill 2 replies
Just wondering here and maybe it's only bothering me but in the WSO section I see a lot of reporter like styles of WSO's, meaning the reporter (creator) is simply reporting on a method and has not done it nor proven it to work at all...

What do you guys think?

I do a lot of testing and tracking to get fresh results and ideas... All my WSO's and other products I've created come from "first-hand" experience of actually doing it.

Maybe I'm wrong and just having one of those days were everything is annoying but I can't believe people actually spend money on that "Tabloid" type of stuff...

Mike Hill
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    Hi Mike,

    Interesting subject. Thanks for starting it.

    I don't mind as long as it's clear that it is a "reporting" WSO, especially if it took a lot of research to make the report. Someone might discover a great method and want to be first to "tell the warriors," and if it's a 7, 10 or 12 dollar report, no problem with me.

    On another note, it's sort of nice to be a part of helping Warriors to get their IM legs and many times they are testing the waters and some who a year or two ago did that type of reporting report are now full fledged IMers and well known and respected here.

    George Wright
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