How to tell what keyword brought in a sale?

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Hey all,
I've been into Affiliate Marketing for about an month now and just recently(Today) I made my first Affiliate Sale!
I'm wondering how to track or tell what keyword brought the sale in?
Thanks in advance!

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    I'm assuming, based on how recently you started, that your traffic was not from search engines.

    Accordingly, don't focus on tracking keyword but focus on which traffic source brought the conversion
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    Are you using a PPC platform like Bing? If so you can enable conversion tracking. It can tell you which KW produced the sale and more like cost per subscriber.

    conversion tracking
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    I use Bing ppc traffic and im assuming that bing brought me the sale because i did not paste the aff link anywhere else besides my bing ad.

    yes im using bing, ill check into the conversion tracking that sounds like what im looking for,
    is it something that bing comes with or is it something i need to install separately? Thank You!
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