Best Use of Autoblogger Plugin or Theme

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Just purchased a autoblogging wordpress theme and plugin that can create a site like foodgawker dot com which consists entirely of feeds from other sites displayed in a Pinterest type fashion along with advertisements intermixed with the feeds. It can also publish the posts automatically to Facebook and twitter and perhaps Pinterest. (I have not played with it much yet).

While I can use the product to create new websites I am thinking it could be useful to simply promote some of my existing wordpress sites such as featuring posts from a travel site I have about places to visit in Florida.

My question is would it make more sense to create a subdirectory on my existing travel site labelled "other Florida travel sites", or labeled "Feeds", or labeled "More Resources" and link to that subdomain via a menu item link or should I try to create a separate travel site and develop it into an authority site and once I start getting sufficient traffic feature posts from my existing Florida travel site along with posts from other travel sites and get traffic that way.
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