How Can I Monetize Indian Traffic

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I purchased a deleted domain with lots of traffic from India. When I checked the stats on Bodis for the last 1 week alone, I had 184 visitors.

Unfortunately, no clicks so its not earning me a dime.

Anyone with idea on how to monetize this traffic? It shouldn't go to waste
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    I would have to know more about the website before I had a suggestion. It must have something feeding it, do you know where the visitors are coming from, if it is from search, what they are searching for ?
    You need to analyze the incoming traffic to see what you can sell from it.
    Put some linkbait on it and build up the Pagerank then 301 it in a few years.

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    Great question. There is no one-size-fits-all answer and there are many successful models that you could experiment with, varying from ad supported (like your site and SideReel), affiliate models (which you probably also work with), freemium, and on and on.

    Advertising is probably the right starting point for you and the most logical next step from Adwords is to implement Google's DoubleClick for Publishers - Small Business (DFPSB -

    DFPSB is an ad server that is tightly integrated with Adwords and allows you to traffic your own ad tags and set the priority in such a way that Adwords can compete with the pricing of those ads.

    You should also look into affiliate programs like: Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network and Linkshare.

    Good luck.
    Tanooja Agarwal,
    Small Business Owner
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