What 3 things do you need to drive unlimited Traffic...

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Hello Imers...

What 3 things would you need to do to drive unlimited web traffic to your website and offers and how would you do it?
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    Money, Money, Money
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    Unlimited traffic is a misnomer.

    There are only x amount of
    people looking for x amount
    of products / solutions, whatever
    on the net at one time.

    For example, if you have a site
    or you're selling a product about
    training dogs...well there are only
    x amount of people looking for
    that kind of information at any
    one time.

    There is no such thing as unlimited

    In the meantime build a site a brand,
    create content and solutions to
    people's problems.
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    for one, you need to have a quality site and product, you need good SEO skills, and you need a certain amount of trust in your site for it to be successful. theres not many shortcuts around here.

    My Fitness Plan website

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    I guess you mean "a lot of traffic", when you say unlimited traffic?

    There are plenty of ways to achieve that:

    1. Go viral - when your website visitors of customers become your promoters, you've hit the jackpot. You'll get traffic and sales without having to do much.

    2. Advertising - All the traffic in the world can be bought for the right price. So, if you have enough budget to buy all the traffic you need, and if your have the right formula to get a positive ROI, then you're set for life.

    3. Someone else's traffic source - If you can get enough affiliates and keep them happy so they stay loyal to your product, you'll have the traffic you want.
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    Really only 1 way - build a following within your target market...

    Of course there are multiple ways to do that:

    1. Social media and content - learn to tell stories, provide tips, entertain, inspire and build a following
    2. Generate content (articles, blog, podcasts, etc... and feed them through your social channels)
    3. Partner/affiliate - build an army of partners and affiliates who will drive traffic for you
    4. Paid advertising - you can advertise your offers direct, advertise to a sales funnel where they become followers or advertise your better content which then pulls them into the sales funnel

    Start with one or two of these and then expand into the others as you build out your expertise and team.
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      I can't imagine why anyone would want "unlimited" traffic. Seems to me just "massive" yet convertible traffic is good enough.
      “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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    Great replies friends... Keep them coming
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    1. Seed money, probably lots of it in the beginning.

    2. One or more ad campaigns that bring you people willing and able to buy. (I would also include having affiliates.)

    3. An offer that converts well enough that you consistently make more than you spend.
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    Originally Posted by Praisedon View Post

    Hello Imers...

    What 3 things would you need to do to drive unlimited web traffic to your website and offers and how would you do it?
    1.) Get your website ranked at the top of the search engines for relevant keywords.
    2.) Collect email addresses and keep in touch with your audience with useful information.
    3.) Utilize various social media techniques to gain even more subscribers. You can use your email subscribers to help spread the word.

    P.S. You can replace the first step with a paid alternative.
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    You do understand that unlimited traffic is no guarantee of any level of income or selling success online?

    Having said that, I believe Discrat gave you the best answer.

    If you have unlimited funds, you can buy all the paid traffic you could ever handle. You may not ever make a profit, but spending money on traffic is the way 99.99% of all the big corporations and massive sellers do it. They have offers that bring in more money than they spend on the traffic - then they repeat their campaigns over and over again.

    Most of us "little guys" - solo entrepreneurs - don't have the resources to play that game.

    Let me give you a caution. If you're just starting out ... forget unlimited traffic. Focus instead on getting one loyal subscriber today and another one tomorrow. Pretty soon you'll be getting two a day, then three a day, and before long, you have a sustainable, profitable business.

    Too many people think they have to have mega traffic in order to make money online. WRONG!


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Start slowly with paid traffic and optimize until you see a profit.

    I stay away from organic traffic and seo because it's not predicable and is a sandy foundation to build a business on in my opinion.

    Once you can trade a dollar in paid traffic for two dollars in conversions you have it made in the shade as long as you can manage the cash flow.

    A good way to do this is build a list in the niche you want to promote using paid traffic. Try to squeeze a few bucks out of your new subscribers on the thank you page for your lead magnet to pay for your paid traffic.

    Then relationship build and promote through email once your subscriber knows, likes and trusts you.

    Oh, and if you do this, don't be a dick and promote crappy products. Make sure you are delivering real value to your subscribers.

    Anything else and you're playing the short game.

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      Originally Posted by Affportal View Post

      I stay away from organic traffic .
      Sometimes you just can't keep that pesky organic traffic away

      - Robert Andrew
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        Originally Posted by discrat View Post

        Sometimes you just can't keep that pesky organic traffic away

        - Robert Andrew
        lol, yea... organic is nice and free. I'll never turn it away Robert. But I have lost many sites and large chunks of income relying on google to keep it coming only to wake up one morning and it's gone because I dropped in the rankings.

        Paid is predictable and when you figure out how to make a profit with it, it's scalable.

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        You forgot to mention money in there!
        Originally Posted by discrat View Post

        Money, Money, Money
        Can you plug your years and cover your eyes, at least?

        Originally Posted by discrat View Post

        Sometimes you just can't keep that pesky organic traffic away

        - Robert Andrew
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    - Budget
    - Skills
    - Tools
    I think so

    If you are in the search for an effective and unique tool to pull much bigger traffic load to your website with better conversion rates >>> Zenviral

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    Create VALUABLE CONTENT Consistently.

    Build Solid Relationships On Social Media

    Facebook Live....Videos
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    I would guest posts on the big blogs in your niche.

    This will drive some big traffic to your site/offers

    Niche specific forum posting--especially if you are a member of several forums--that allow sigs.

    And last but not least, a well done press release can drive tons of traffic.

    Hope this Helps.
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        Originally Posted by Praisedon View Post

        Great insight. Thanks
        At least the newbies no how to use the quote tab when replying to an answer

        BTW you know this type of thread is useless right? they are made for sig spammers

        Had you used the search tab you would have found heaps of this type of thread

        They do not want to know how easy or haed they just want someone to do it for them
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    Originally Posted by Praisedon View Post

    Hello Imers...

    What 3 things would you need to do to drive unlimited web traffic to your website and offers and how would you do it?
    I'm not sure if you're serious or joking...?
    1. Unlimited Traffic Requires Unlimited Money - Start with a budget of at least $1,000,000 USD per month and scale up from there.
    2. More Money for when you scale
    3. More Money for when you scale.
    Good luck!

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    Something that hasn't been mentioned is to create something of so amazing of value that other people will talk about it and share it with other people in their circle and create a "viral marketing" effect.

    A good example of this would be TheRichJerk.com.
    Because it was a great/noval idea they received a great amount of viral/free traffic.

    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    1. Unlimited money
    2. Know how to use the computer
    3. Ability to search

    Hope this help!
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    If you don't have money, you better have time

    You CAN drive tons of traffic to your site

    Almost ANY site that allows for third party site links CAN be sources of FREE traffic

    With that said, you'd need a LOT of time to qualify the traffic and create the right content or set up the right systems to drive traffic
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      Deep and an amazing insight. Thanks
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    Everyone has covered 1) Unlimited Money. For number 2) Unlimited Traffic Sources and For number 3) Equals Unlimited Traffic.
    DominioNombres.com Marketplace!
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    You should have unlimited amount of money for unlimited amount of traffic
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    I don't think most niches would get saturated. There is way too much debate on how to get unlimited traffic. There is not enough talk about how to get great sales. I would say the three things you need is people, a sales funnel and follow up with cross products.
    You can drive traffic from any of the social media sites, solo ads, ad swaps, content marketing.
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    1. Brain
    2. Resources
    3. Money
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    Do not focus on unlimited traffic, but focus on conversions from the traffic that you pay for.

    So, now that I've said that my focus would be on conversions alone - here are the 3 things I would do.

    1. Build a brand
    2. Get influencers on board to talk about the brand on a regular basis
    3. Do A/B testing and find out which network traffic converts much better and pour money on it to aid in conversions.
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    Following 3 key things keep in mind for web traffic

    Being found
    Being Seen
    Being Heard

    Before explaining the key things all of them must know the Base of web traffic Technique, that needs you to strong a bond between you and your potential shopper, not unlike the relationship that's built through dating. So, we need to shift our focus from closing the deal immediately promptly towards illuminating your clients and building trust.

    1.Being Found:-

    Having a website easy process in this modern age but being found !? that was quite little stuff loaded issue to be done by SEO Specialist.

    While SEO has changed significantly throughout the years, it's similarly as vital today as it was previously. The techniques used to accomplish best rankings in Search engines is the toughest thing because of heavy Competitors.

    In case, those strategies alone are insufficient. Web-based social networking, blogging, and constructing on the web impact are currently similarly basic parts of it.

    2.Being Seen:-

    In the terrific situation, Being Seen is more important comparing Being Found. Visibility is the best way to connect your Customer's.

    Lot's of techniques are available to be stable in online and that always must concentrate yours to customer Needs.

    So, instead of trying the same old thing at your next trade show like content Marketing, Blog writing and so on shake it up with some gamification. Scavenger hunts, selfie competitions, and trivia games all work incredibly well on Twitter and allow attendees to play along in real time.

    3. Being Heard:-

    Quality doesn't come easy, as any business who has tried Digital marketing can attest.

    Is all about driving the best Client experience, procuring deals and Maintenance by balancing the Significance of your Brand. Your true objective is to begin and proceed that lead to a new brand, new customers and long-term clients that ultimately become referral generators.
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    First is do SEO for your website.
    Second is do SMO for your website.
    Third is Google Advertisement
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    You have to work on high authority sites like folkd, tumblr, reddit, stumble upon. Including these don’t forget about major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest etc.
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    All you need is a campaign/funnel/offer that is so profitable that you have the ability to keep buying more and more traffic making your business bigger and bigger. Of course easier said than done.
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    Originally Posted by Praisedon View Post

    Hello Imers...

    What 3 things would you need to do to drive unlimited web traffic to your website and offers and how would you do it?
    It's easy to get unlimited traffic so-to-speak because there are thousands of traffic vendors that are more than happy to take your money and provide BOTS (not real people) generated traffic. The thing you really want is a steady flow of quality traffic from real live breathing people. There are many, many, strategies for generating traffic and you have organic (free) and paid traffic. With organic traffic some of the ways to accomplish this is through Facebook posts, YouTube posts, blogging, social media posts, and so on. Then there's paid traffic and the most reputable traffic sources are Google AdWords, FaceBook advertising, and other PPC (Paid Per Click) sources as well. There's also Solo Ads which you have to be careful with because again there are more scammers then bona fide quality vendors out there. I usually use UDIMI for my Solo Ads and have had pretty good success with them. Anyway I hope this helps!

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    Nothing beats organic traffic NOTHING!

    Been doing it since 97 and it didn't change.
    So go for it but it takes a lot of time. Ain't a quick buck here...
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      no doubt it's a dumb question, but people are responding with various solutions like credit card despite their knowing that there shouldn't be a solution to getting ***unlimited*** traffic; someone even suggested Facebook it's funny ...

      Can anyone answer? how to make unlimited amount of money? we know it can't be done. You just need some money in order to be happy, that amount, however, varies from person to person, but not ***unlimited***. Happiness is our ultimate goal, so calculate how much money do you actually need to buy your happiness, career goals etc; Traffic, IM are just tools to making money online. Devise your plan accordingly, and imagination could become a mad horse and a wild boy, sometimes.
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    i think whats more important is quality of traffic. I can get 1000s of unlimited traffic but not one converts then its pointless. Social Media is definitely no1 for me. haven't really thought about 2nd and 3rd

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    First thing is that you make strong relationship on Facebook or other Social sites. Second thing is that write meaning full Blog of your Business and submits that on Blog submission site which help to get traffic on your site and third thing is that Posting Nice Forum. above three things are are use for more traffic and I hope you satisfied with us.

    Thank YOU.
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    Hi my friend,

    I believe you are really mislead.

    Why, you may ask?

    Because what matters is not receiving unlimited traffic!

    But instead to receive highly targeted and qualified target to your Blog or website. Because in the end of the day what matters is the money that you get from the traffic that you drive to your site.

    So if the traffic is "garbage" then you will have a bounce rate of 99.99% and even having visitors they not even look for your site.

    So to me what you need is:

    1) Great content, top notch if possible.
    2) A website 100% optimized to capture leads
    3) Great affiliate or own products to offer to your audience.
    4) A very optimized and efficient Lead Magnet
    5) Very targeted traffic

    Thats only what you need.
    Join our tribe of thousands of bloggers and entrepreneurs that seek success online!
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      Didn't really ask for my sake but for struggling newbies out there. Some of these questions as stupid as some pro marketers think they are, are being asked by newbies who are still struggling. Great comments and thanks
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    Anybody can get unlimited traffic. You have hundreds of memes in Facebook that bring in unlimited traffic. Most of them are for a good laugh. But they bring in unlimited traffic. Some people post pictures of their pets and go viral.

    You asked what 3 things are needed.

    1) Camera,
    2) Computer
    3) Facebook account

    Getting targeted traffic and learning how to convert it into profit it's a whole other ball game. You can use the same approach of going viral mentioned above in a specific niche and find a way to turn those visitors into buyers.
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    I would much prefer a little quality traffic than unlimited shitty traffic (bad quality = low conversions or people don't like the ad so they report it etc).

    So for me something like super targeted FB ads work.

    So to answer your question I would need unlimited money to drive unlimited traffic.

    But you don't need unlimited traffic. You just need positive EPC.
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    The demographics of your target market, where are these people online and can I buy advertising space, understanding how to optimize campaign to convert using your traffic source. Get good at that and all you need is a couple. Heck one will just do but you never want to keep all your eggs in one basket.
    Targeted Viewers! All your traffic needs in one spot. Get seen today!
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    1. Facebook Ads + Re-targeting
    2. Google Ads + Re-targeting
    3. SEO Optimize Your Social Media

    Like as been aptly stated above; this requires money, money, money(1 and 2)! But once you're able to figure out how to at least double every $1 and turn in a profit, then you can scale.
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    Hello, I think this is the answer you are looking for..

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    This answers here are really awesome, but I would rather there cannot be specifically 3 but I would just outline one of solid steps here as I have learn from the one of the top specialist Brian Dian of Backlinko.

    1) First try to look into your competitors backlinks and see what blog or article page they have maximum backlinks.
    2) Write down similar article but with all latest facts and figures and make it much more interesting and engaging, try to make it 1500 to 2000 words long.
    3) Post this article on your blog then outreach with all those backlinks where your competitors article has saying that you have better and latest fact based article.
    4) Bribe all those sites with short 200 to 300 words of introductory about your article and place link to your main article.

    Try out if you are more confused try to search for Backlinko or Quickspourt of Neil Patel to get some good ideas to generate traffic.

    Enjoy dear.
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    Please be shared with you 10 ways to get traffic for free at my previous thread here: http://www.warriorforum.com/search-e...ffic-free.html

    Good luck to you,

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    1)Get email addresses of interested people of which you want the traffic and then send them emails it will work very good for you.
    2)Get paid traffic of the type of traffic you want it will also work better for you
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