Free video hosting for sales videos?

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So I've been thinking of adding a little upsell video to one of my products, and I got the video recorded and processed in about 15 minutes (that's pretty darn good for me - used to be days and days ) and then I've run into a quandary about how to host the thing.

I've considered YouTube, but I don't want related videos to show and I don't want people to even find the video if they're browsing around on Youtube.

I considered Vimeo but they specifically say that their service is not meant to offload business hosting costs. LOL - yup, that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

Could host it myself I guess, and to be fair I think I have oodles of leftover bandwidth, however that's probably not the best option if its in the middle of a sales process.

What do you guys use?
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    I recently did a 2 part sneaky thing taking a clue from the microcontinuity course. I offered to reveal something in the first video. It was a quick video and I hosted it on youtube. This way I was able to drop a link to the main site it was on and direct the traffic away from youtube. If someone wanted to see the second half of the video, they needed to sign up to a list to get the link.

    I put the second video up on viddler with an extremely non descriptive title, etc so it would not show when googled. The link that went out in the aweber went back to a page on my site with a simple embeded video - but not on the main part of the site which is a blog. It went onto a non seo'd blank page.

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    You can try, they have a free version for a certain amount of bandwidth.

    If you use the Youtube type places, you can set the video to private so it isn't in their public views and/or use a non related title (as mentioned above) with no relative description and no keyword tags.

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    VegasGreg - I believe YouTube private videos allow you to specify up to 25 other YouTube users who can see your video. I don't think it lets you embed the video for sharing with the public. At least that's how I'm reading it at this point.

    CouchPotato - thanks - I always for some reason assumed S3 was expensive, though I know tons of people use it. Cheap is good - I'm going to check it out.

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    we use s3, the price is excellent.
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    You'll need a player to then embed the videos. There are a lot out there.


    - - Making Media Easy by Unleashing the Power of Amazon S3 Hosting
    - LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
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    I'm concerned with using Youtube simply because a double click on the video whips them away from my page. I was also thinking that Viddler doesn't host video's for commercial display (as opposed to private use).

    I did find a player that I can embed in the html and use on my own (meaning I'm paying for my own bandwidth). I figure if it's being watched so many times that it's costing me bandwidth then I should be making enough cash not to worry about it.

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    Hmm... so what formats & players do you guys recommend for using with S3? I just got myself an account there...
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      I would recommend you use FLV - flash file

      That will give you the most options and keep the filesize small


      Originally Posted by JonathanBoettcher View Post

      Hmm... so what formats & players do you guys recommend for using with S3? I just got myself an account there...
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    Hey Jonathan, have you actually started using S3 and are you happy with it?

    I've been using Viddler, but have been considering changing to keep my videos as private as I can.
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      Although not free, it is way less than I used to pay for all my services combined. I'll stop there because I don't want to spam but I really in love with the service. See my signature for details.


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    S3 is very good. I've been using it for awhile no with no problems. If you use EZS3 you will be able to wrap your videos with there players. If you have ever been on Frank Kerns Site you will see he uses EZS3 as well. Hope this help!
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    Have you looked at vzaar | video hosting, for your website

    They have both free and paid options.
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    I use my own HostGator account to process all my vids. I have the package that costs $25 a month but I can put a ton of other websites and I have never had a bandwidth issue. In fact, I have recommended HG to other and have heard no complaints. Nonetheless, I wish you the best.

    Michael Cruz
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    S3 is the best option, though it isn't free it is pretty reasonable. Someone here mentioned making your video on YouTube private, but then no one can see could instead set it to unlisted.
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    Hi, I use YouTube all the time, but not for sales videos. For my sales videos and for videos that I am selling I use Very reasonable prices and loads of bandwidth.
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