Virtual Assistant - A system to make me rich?

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Can anyone recommend a good "system" that is set up in such a way that I can just hand a set of instructions (already prewritten) to any competent (can read and comprehend english) Virtual Assistant, and have them make me some money? Where I would merely need to monitor weekly set of reports, and "correct" the VA or get a new one if necessary.

I am really lazy, but I do have some money. So, I was thinking that if I paid a virtual assistant 4 or 5 bucks an hour, they would be happy because they are making a consistent paycheck, and then I would expect to make at least double return on investment, so at $5 a hour, 40 hours a week, that is $800 a month. I would want a return of at least $1600 a month.

The tasks could be anything from SEO, sending emails, even telemarketing.

I want that return to come fairly quickly, like within a month or two.

Anyone got a recommendation for a system like this?

Preferably it would be a WSO here at the WF, but I am open to just about anything.

Or perhaps I am dreaming, looking for a panacea. Its okay, you can tell me that, too.
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    Do a search on outsourcing and you should find plenty of info.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    You can pay for someone to write the articles for you and then pay to have the articles distributed far and wide using content distribution services such as article marketer and others.

    After you've set up your landing pages all you're really doing is submitting your content to the content distribution networks and monitoring the results at your landing pages etc.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Thanks for the input, so far.

      ccmusicman, I thought the idea of being a business owner was to do less work. I think if you have the right systems in place, and are explicit in your instructions, you can expect specific results. Granted, I need to make the functions basic enough so that they can be measured. That is what I am looking for.

      TLTheLiberator, I found this WSO, is this the kind thing you are talking about? I am considering purchasing it.

      I am even going so far as thinking that once I get some cash flow going, I can empower my VA to hire other VA's, to manage them. Then, hire a researcher VA to find other money earning systems that can be implemented easily with VA's.

      This could be the business world's version of the perpetual machine. Basically, once I "prime the pump" it keeps it self going.
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    If your looking for a system to manage them(va), take a look at SugarSalesCRM. I think it's still called that.

    If your looking for a load of already managed VA's...get ahold of Dr. John Neyman Jr. He has about 60+ staff of VA's and quite frequently hires them out at more than reasonable rates.
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    This is a very smart business decision. Outsourcing is vital to really leverage your earnings and accelerate your progress.

    I would encourage you to check out craigslist for phillipino workers. Theres some great ones there who work at $3-5 an hour. Im sure they can do most of what you require.

    Be sure to hire properly though

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Hiring a VA is a smart decision, however, if you do not already have systems in place, managing a VA can be just as much work as if you were doing it yourself.
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    For the pay rate you're talking about it is very unlikely that you're going to get someone with the initiative that you're wanting. At that rate they're doing grunt work while you're doing the heavy lifting. If you want someone who will do the heavy lifting you need to pay more.
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    I have a VA that has access to and is trained on MANY IM products, such as SE Nuke, Fire Pow (AUTO WP installer), Keyword research tools, and others. If you would like to try working with him (Dave) it benefit both of us and give you a great place to make a "soft start".

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    It's quite easy to find someone that "tell" you that he's doing exactly what you're asking for: more difficult to find someone that "do" exatly what you need..
    This is my experience: you have only to be careful when you select who will work with you.
    Hope this help
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      Ya hiring a virtual assistant is a wise business decision as VA's are professionally expert in accomplishing the tasks given by you. you can spend your time in doing some more important task than concentrating on all tasks.
      if you want any help regarding this then let me know.
      all the best.
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        outsourcing your some tasks to virtual assistants is a smart decision. if you get good services from good virtual assistants then it will help in success of your business. taskescape is a company that will help you to complete their tasks on time so that you can concentrate on other tasks.
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    If you need a VA or full time writer then contact me!

    I will be able to help a you out and hook you up with some good people.

    Let me know and no im not going to send you some god damn affiliate link but will refer you to a friend who manages all my full time workers.

    Tom Brite
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